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From: "=?iso-8859-1?Q?sarah=20elbaz?=" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Stolzman and Copland concerto
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 03:50:47 -0400

Sharon Kam is an Israeli clarinetist. She was a student of Eli Eban and she is a very interesting musicians and clarinetist.
I hear her a lot in Israel and I can tell you that the most amazing thing about her is that her live performaces are much better then the recordings.

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> From: Adam Michlin <>
> Subject: Re: [kl] Stolzman and Copland concerto
> Sent: 09 Aug '05 18:50
> Stolzman... eh, not my cup of tea, either.
> There is a wonderful recording of the Copland by a player I hadn't heard of
> until I found this particular CD, Sharon Kam. I seemed to have lost my copy
> of the disc while moving, so I can't listen to it to refresh my memory, but
> I recall particularly enjoying her interpretation and playing ability. The
> CD is "American Classics: Music for Clarinet".
>           -Adam
> At 01:19 PM 8/9/2005, fred jacobowitz wrote:
> >Dan, (and all),
> >      Sorry, I have no idea what that was! I guess we shall have to agree
> > to disagree. I feel that Stoltzman is technically gifted but musically
> > over-indulgent. I always get the feeling listening to him that he is in
> > the Horowitz mold:The performer first - then the composer. He is best on
> > the pieces like the Rossini Intro, Theme and Var. where the preformer
> > must make the piece interesting because otherwise it will only be a set
> > of exercises. Every time I have heard him on a piece such as the Mozart
> > Concerto, I have been bothered by his over-phrasing and making the music
> > be at his service rather than vice versa.
> >      I know it is often better to say nothing rather than
> > un-complimentary things so I repeat, THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION, NOT A
> > DECREE! No flame wars, please! I just felt that as long as there was one
> > opinion, there can be a differing one and I hope all will take it in that
> > spirit.
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