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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000093.txt from 2005/08

From: "dnleeson" <>
Subj: RE: [kl] Mahler
Date: Sat, 06 Aug 2005 22:11:30 -0400

I thought iit was the tendency of performers to be inconsiderate
of audiences.

Dan Leeson

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From: Lacy, Edwin []
Sent: Saturday, August 06, 2005 5:38 PM
Subject: RE: [kl] Mahler

<<<Or do you really wish to dispute the fact that most conductors
in earlier part of the 20th century thought of themselves as
absolute dictators and practically deities?  Toscanini,
Stokowski, Szell, Walter, Reiner ... do I need to go on?>>>

That's a separate topic from what we were talking about, which
was the tendency of audiences not to be polite to performers.
Ed Lacy
University of Evansville

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