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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000034.txt from 2005/08

From: "David McClune" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Buffet Question
Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2005 09:49:45 -0400


The clarinet is a piece of bored wood with keys on it. You need to try a =
batch of regular RC's and some RC Prestiges in one location, and then pick =
out the best sounding and playing clarinet out of that batch. Often the =
Prestige series are closer to each other in playing qualities, but you are =
still trying out pieces of wood. They all vibrate slightly differently. =

For my University students we order three clarinets, two of what ever =
brand they "think" they want and one of another brand. Often the best =
instrument (of those three) is the other brand and they buy it. Now, I =
have had students end up on Buffet, Leblanc, Selmer and Yamaha, all =
starting off thinking another brand was better. Buffet players loving a =
Concerto II, Leblanc lovers choosing a Buffet, Selmer lover buying a =
Yamaha, etc.

You are choosing a tool which allows YOU to make music with greater ease =
than what you currently play on. Pick the clarinet that plays the best, =
not the model or brand or plating. It is still a piece of wood with a =
holes in it!

Good luck

Musically yours,


Dr. David McClune
Professor of Woodwinds
Director of Bands
Union University-1862
1050 Union University Drive
Jackson, TN 38305


>>> 08/05/05 8:22 AM >>>
Hi everyone,
I'm still doing some research to decide which buffet
clarinet I wish to get. This time I would like to
know if there is that much difference between the RC
and the RC Prestige. I was looking more towards the
RC Prestige, but I believe that it is about $1500
more, but I do not want to get the RC and find out
that I should have gone the next step up and live in
regret. Can everyone please give me some suggestions
to help ease my dilemma.
Chris Ciarlariello

"Music is the essence of my soul. The part that will never die in me and =
will live on in others when I am gone."
~Chris Ciarlariello


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