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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000000.txt from 2005/08

From: "Andrew Seymour" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Tokyo
Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2005 07:54:02 -0400

Hi list,
Tokyo was my first Fest (Japan's much closer to Oz than US or Europe) and
was a great experience.
In hindsight I should've gone to more of the lectures and masterclasses,
clarinet recital after clarinet recital can be quite tiring, especially
when you're staying out late indulging in the amazing Japanese cuisine and
Some highlights in no particular order;
Opening night Gala concert featuring Larry Combs, Julie DeRoche, Philippe
Cuper and Eddie Daniels, my teacher raves about Larry Combs and now I see
why, he's brilliant and what a beautiful sound.
Philippe Cuper followed up with a recital the following day and brought the
house down with 2 encores. The piece by Donatoni was particularly
Jean-Daniel Bugaj from France is a name to look out for, he was phenomenal,
flawless in every way.
The Jazz concert with Buddy DeFranco and Eddie Daniels was a lot of fun and
made a nice change from the 'serious classical music'.
The "Super Wind Orchestra" was also great, with a clarinet section including
Larry Combs, Julie DeRoche, Wenzel Fuchs, Philippe Cuper and Charles
The masterclasses with Michel Arrignon and Charles Neidich were very
interesting, some great young players and although the first was spoken in
french and japanese there was still a lot I got out of it.
The "Greetings from Poland" concert with Jan Jakub Bokun (Cl) and Michal Moc
(Accordion) was a definate highlight. I never thought I would say anything
good about the accordian but I have never heard it played like that before.
Both players were brilliant and they worked together so well, it was one of
the most entertaining concerts of the fest. They also both looked like they
were having a really good time, which unfortunately was the exception rather
than the norm at this festival. What is the selection process for people
who play at the fest? Is there a selection process? Because (IMHO) there
were far too many really mediocre and in fact a few just plain bad
performances. Perhaps there needs to be a reason before people are invited
to play. Is it because they are bringing something new, or because they are
a specialist in a particular field of clarinet or they are just plain
brilliant or is it just an excuse for anybody to drag out some old
repertiore and give it another airing? Anyway, enough negative, back to the
Guy Deplus, he's obviously past his prime but he is still incredibly
Michel Arrignon, unfortunately the Hall was packed and I had to watch this
one from a tv in the foyer.
Jozsef Balogh playing Hungarian music was another really entertaining
performer, technically brilliant, musical and he was having fun.
Harry Sparnaay was great, I'm not much into contempory music but always find
Harry interesting.
Another contempory composer/clarinettist I particularly liked was Eric
Mandat, who gave a premiere of his piece 2 Cool 2 B-flat for two Eb
There was much more on than I could possibly attend and I'm sure I've left
out things. Was there anyone else from the list who went?


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> Would anyone who attended be willing to post a remark or two about the
> Fest?
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