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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000309.txt from 2005/07

From: Gary Van Cott <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Wind Band Music: Solo Clarinet vs. Clarinet 4
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 14:43:27 -0400

I think that if you use Solo and First clarinet, the parts are likely to be
divided among the first clarinet players. If you use 1-4 the third and
forth parts are more likely to be divided among the regular third clarinet
players. Perhaps this will give you some guidance.

Have you considered using divisi in 1-3 parts to archive what you want?

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At 10:39 AM 7/27/05, you wrote:
>Dear List,
>I am in the process of finishing off a wind band transcription of an
>orchestral piece. For various reasons, I ended up with 4 Soprano Bb
>clarinet parts and am trying to decide whether to indicate them as 1-4 Bb
>Clarinet or Solo, 1-3 Bb Clarinet.
>Historically, the designation of "Solo Clarinet" seems to be not what the
>phrase would appear to mean at first sight. Looking at both Holst (the
>Suites) and Copland ("An Outdoor Overture",) lead me to be tempted to use
>the designation Solo Clarinet (the Copland is even published with 3 copies
>of the "Solo" clarinet part). I seem to recall Grainger, on the other
>hand, using the designation Bb Clarinets 1-4. I'm leaning towards Bb
>Clarinets 1-4, if only to minimize the confusion often found in band music
>with parts labeled "Solo Clarinet". The Holst "Solo" clarinet parts are
>about 99% the same as the 1st part, the Copland varies a little bit more.
>I don't know the history of the term "Solo Clarinet" in wind band music,
>so I'm happy to consider arguments either way. I realize this is probably
>just a semantic argument, but I though I would put out the question just
>in case I was missing something.
> -Adam

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