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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000456.txt from 2005/05

From: (Ormondtoby Montoya)
Subj: Re: [kl] The Wheeler article
Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 16:28:25 -0400

Abraham=A0Gamboa wrote:

> Thanks a million Tony what an article!!!!

Abraham, if any post _CRIES OUT_ for
snipping rather than re-posting the entire article, your post is it !!!

True, the article is 100% worthwhile, and most of us are grateful that
Tony posted it for us.

....but you really need to learn how to <snip>. Or if you know how to
<snip> already, you need to do it!

Some of us suffered more than a little bit because you posted (and
caused 900+ other people to receive) hundreds of duplicate lines, simply
to say "thank you" to Tony. Seven words would done the same job.

Please, learn how to <snip>.

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