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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000334.txt from 2005/05

From: Tom Flavel <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Wagner!
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 19:46:29 -0400

On 24/05/2005 19:09:10, Mark Charette wrote:
> wrote:
> >yes they do but this is becoming much more than discussions. It is
> >becoming personal bashing with each other.
> >
> >
> Which is how some great thoughts have arisen - from deeply passionate
> people.
> As long as it doesn't hurt progress al la Eddington & Chandrasekhar


I've been reading this discussion with interest.
Personally, I'd *much* rather a subjective, passionate debate which does
touch on the issues at hand, as opposed to a toned-down needlessly
polite discussion which skirts around the important points (which
*are* often topics of highly subjective nature - that's what makes them
interesting) - and is too busy being courteous to actually scratch deep
enough to reveal anything worth paying attention to.

Of course, I'm not advocating insulting each other! That *does* hurt
progress. Courtsey and offence are independant things.

I'm finding it difficult to define exactly why I prefer this, aside from
censorship in the name of offending people removing information which
I'd like to have access to.

I think perhaps it's that I find disgusting the concept of somebody telling
me what is "safe" for me to read and what isn't. I'd like to be able to
decide that for myself: I am able to ignore insults and read between the
lines to get the actual information of value - if those lines are denied
on account of being offensive, then there's nothing to read between, and
therfore nothing to be gained. I hope that makes sense. I think Mark
expressed the same thing much more effeciently than I have.

I still have a recent discussion buzzing around in my mind with an
american friend (for the record, I am english) regarding Galloway's
recent testimony to the US senate. As far as I'm able to understand,
they were shocked precisley because of the same thing I'm trying to
convey here: they're used to the polite-but-avoids-the-issue form of

Somebody mentioned a while ago that the clarinet list is more abrasive
than the flute list. I'm not subscribed to the flute list (I don't play
the flute, as much as I'd like one) - is this accurate? My guess is
they're also used to that form of conversation.

Thoughts welcome,


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