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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000163.txt from 2005/05

From: Bill Hausmann <>
Subj: Fwd: Re: [kl] Possible racist views in music titles (Allies
Date: Sun, 08 May 2005 01:32:35 -0400

Forwarded on behalf of Alvin Swiney (he was having trouble getting Klarinet
to accept a post):

>Lilia Loban made some very interesting points in her posting about the
>Allied forces defeating the Nazis during World War II. During that time
>many countries including the USA refused to performs Wagner's music as it
>was associated with the Nazis of Germany. We condemned Philosophers such
>as Carl Neiche for his relationship with Hitler. The American Government
>criticized the Nazis for the murders of Jews, the inhuman treatment of
>Jews and the awful medical experiments performed on Jewish inmates in the
>many concentration camps throughout Europe.
> However, as Americans wave the Red, White and Blue flag to celebrate
> VE Day, it is important to study history, be it good or bad, and learn
> the truth. The type of truth that is not found in High School History
> books from the 1960s. History should be preserve and exposed even though
> certain aspects of it might be considered politically incorrect by
> today's standard. We do learn from out mistakes.
> Now I would like to share a few things that most Americans students
> won't learn in text books. While the American Government Criticized Nazi
> Germany for the infamous Medical Experimentation on living Jews, The
> Tuskeegee experiment was taking place in Alabama simultaneously. This was
> an experiment in which Black Males who had contracted syphilis were left
> untreated for decades to see how long it would take for them to become
> blind, lamed and eventually die. The American government actually did
> this. The USA Condemned Hitler's Scientist for placing Jews in Freezers
> to see how long the could survive in the cold and at the same time the US
> Army pushed conscientious objectors such as the Amish and Mennonites into
> Lake Michigan during the winter months of 1942 to see how long it would
> take for them to develop frost bite. America criticized the German Nazis
> for murdering millions of Jews during the Second World War while the
> torture and lynching of innocent Blacks, such as Emmett Till, had been
> ramped in the South for over 200 years. While American Historians often
> remembers "Crystal Night", The tragic start of the Holocaust, very little
> is ever said about the Race Riots of Memphis, TN; Detroit, MI; Washing,
> DC and Elaine, AR in which African American Communities and Townships
> were burned to the ground by White Mobs and Law enforcement officers
> stood idly by and watched or even participated in the offense.
> A reporter once asked Adolph Hitler where he got the idea for the
> Nazi concentration camps? Hitler's reply shocked me! Hitler said, "I got
> the idea from the Americans with their Indian Reservations. You see the
> concept of putting unwanted people in designated areas behind fences
> worked very well in the United States so I thought this Idea would be a
> viable solution to our Jewish Problem here in Germany."
> As I have gotten older, I realize that there is a very thin line
> between "Good and Bad", "Right and Wrong" and America and Nazi Germany.
> Historical Accuracy should be preserve and not candy coated or diluted
> for the sake of political correctness. Students should be able to read
> old books and musical literature with racist titles and concepts and then
> make their own decision as to what is right and wrong. After all, True
> History is important. Hiding or removing the unpleasant and offensive
> aspects of the past is not a viable option. Hitler tried to do that when
> he burned books, schools and libraries in Nazi Germany. Censorship did
> not work in 1940 and it will not work now.
> The Truth will set you Free!
> Alvin Swiney
>In a message dated 5/6/05 8:27:11 PM Central Daylight Time,
> writes:
>>We don't learn much from the mistakes of the past if we keep on repeating
>>One of the things we learn from history is that we *do* live in it, whether
>>we like it or not. Interesting that this thread coincides with VE Day
>>tomorrow, when we remember the Allied victory over the Nazis, who murdered
>>more than six million people because they were born Jewish, Rom, mentally
>>retarded or gay. This thread also coincides with the plan, reported
>>yesterday, to exhume and autopsy the body of Emmett Till, and re-open that
>>case. Emmett Till was a black teenager, brutally murdered by racists in
>>Mississippi in 1955, because he whistled at a white woman. Bigotry begins
>>with portraying fellow human beings as subhumans, to excuse stripping them
>>of human rights. One of the first steps toward dehumanizing people is
>>turning them into crude jokes, caricatures--and bullying all who object.
>>("Offended? Oh, hey, we're just having a little bit of fun. We don't mean
>>anything by it. Golly, you're hyper-sensitive.") Watch that Jolson
>>performance sometime and see if it really looks like an honestly
>>warm-hearted tribute to Mother. I hope nobody on the Klarinet list gets
>>something like that for Mother's Day this Sunday.
>>Lelia Loban
>>Are you watching Big Brother?

Bill Hausmann

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