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From: "Vincenzo Zippo - AMT Services" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] A splendid experience visitng Himie Voxman
Date: Thu, 05 May 2005 04:05:47 -0400

Hi Dan,
I red your post.
It was a very nice report about your feel in meeting Himie Voxman.
I don't know him but, while I was reading your short tale, I was able to
figure Voxman in his old
house, I was able to smell the air in that room!
Tanks to you and Voxman.

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From: "Dan Leeson" <>
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Sent: Saturday, April 23, 2005 10:54 PM
Subject: [kl] A splendid experience visitng Himie Voxman

> Today I drove from Ames, IA to Peoria, IL. On the way, I stopped in Iowa
> City to meet the man who wrote my first book of clarinet lessons, Himie
> Voxman. It was a wonderful visit. He is in good physical and
> intellectual
> shape at 92 and it broke my heart to have to leave after only about 45
> minutes. It is that we had a long drive behind and ahead of us.
> My first book was the Rubank Elementary book of clarinet playing and Himie
> had written and edited it in the 1930s. I have no idea how many other
> clarinetists began with that book, but in Paterson, NJ, everybody used it.
> Today was a very splendid experience. His house is so jammed with music
> that
> he is in the position of giving lots and lots of it away, mostly to the
> University, but even some to the local music store.
> He spoke of how he studied the process of making metal reeds in the 1930s.
> He said that the only one that worked well was the reed made of stainless
> steel. But the problem with the reed was that it was so thin, it was as
> sharp as a razor blade. After he played Stars and Stripes with it, he
> received a passing grade in metttalurgy, and never returned to that
> experiment again.
> Dan Leeson
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