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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000044.txt from 2005/05

From: "rien stein" <>
Subj: [kl] blue birds
Date: Mon, 02 May 2005 19:35:31 -0400

Bill Wright ( (Ormondtoby Montoya)) wrote

*** PLEASE !!! ***

I think that how music affects society, and vice versa, is a legitimate
topic for discussion, but ***PLEASE*** let's not start into a diatribe
about the rightness or wrongness of war, or about politicians, or

No fear, Bill, there's no reason in this case to start a discussion on the
jusifiabilty of war. And I am not going to demonstrate against this Mr.
George W. Bush, when he comes to this country in a couple of days.

I have however to make another remark:

One of the songs made very popular by Vera Lynn was called "The white cliffs
of Dover". It was so popular that many singers had it recorded, also after
the war, I remember a very beautiful recording by Jim Reeves. The refrain of
this songs begins with the words "There'll be bluebirds over / the white
cliffs of Dover". These white cliffs of Dover are all right. But as to my
knowledge a blue bird is a songbird that only occur in the USA and Canada!
Most song writers simply are not ornithologists.


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