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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000461.txt from 2005/04

From: rob <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Paypal Messages STEAL THIS CAR
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 19:01:14 -0400

My vision failed me 4 yours ago.
I have not driven a car or worked in four years.
Everything I see looks crushed and twisted like picaaso paintings.
I have great difficulty reading anything printed because everything
looks like
star trek Klingon giberrish.
when I say to you that Linux is good for novices, take it from me, a
person who
does not like to read anything anymore.
I have 20 years experience but thats in COBOL and other NON-PC or web
The LINUX stuff is not 20 years of experience.

I like what microsoft has done for the world as a whole.
It put computers in every household and it gave me E-commerce.
I don't drive so I can't just jump in a car and go to the mall.
I buy everything online except food.
I bought my clarinet , cello, violin, concertina and braille display online.
Dirt cheap I might add.
I like microsoft but I don't like the fact that microsoft allowed its
operating system to
be released with holes in it.
I wrote police software for 911 comm centers and I wrote software for
If my software had holes in it then people died.
So I have no respect for microsoft at all ever since we were told
that we had to accept
the fact that the operating system was flawed and then had to BUY the
next version to
fix the flaws. Then we learned that it had holes that viruses could
cause damage and again
we were told to PAY for the fix...antivirus software.
So microsoft did good but at the same time some bad.
Its time to find something better and not pay for it.
Thats where Linux comes in the picture.

You can load Linux onto a windows PC and have it do DUAL booting.
Thats where the PC shows you a menu that asks what to boot into, Linux
or windows.
So the best and safest thing to do is get a 2nd hard disk installed into
the PC and
load linux onto the 2nd hard disk and then you can play in linux without
the windows hard disk.
I do that here.
You can partition your single hard disk to be half for windows and half
for linux.
I do not know how to partition a single disk once windows is already on it.
someboday else has to tell you that if you want to use one hard disk.
I do not like using one hard disk because the windows viruses one day might
muck up the linux partition.

You can also download KNOPPIX linux as an ISO, burn an ISO boot CD , then
reboot your PC using the KNOPPIX CD and run KNOPPIX from the CD where it
never touches the hard disk and play with linux to see whats it do then
take out the CD and reboot the PC as windows again and it will look
like it never ran the linux.
Thats a way to experiment but running from CD is much slower than
running from a hard disk
KNOPPIX does also do a hard disk installation if you have free space
partitioned on your hard drive
and if you want you can just plain wipe out windows and load knoppix.
Thats what we do to windows PCs that a virus screwed and won't even boot

I unplug my ethernet cable when I boot windows so the windows system can
not go
get any viruses or share anything with spyware.


Warren Rosenberg wrote:

>Linus sounded great until I read that you only have 20 years as a
>Here's a questions that demonstrates why I probably need to stick to
>microsoft, your favorite company.
>If I download a version of linux, must I remove windows (Oh, I don't see
>many problems after doing that!) or does linux just run "transparently" on
>top of windows?
>Thank you very much.
>PS. This virus problem attacks internet explorer. I've used Mozilla but
>don't you foresee the same virus problem as Mozilla gains popularity.
>Thanks again.
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>From: "rob" <>
>To: <>
>Sent: Friday, April 29, 2005 2:48 PM
>Subject: Re: [kl] Paypal Messages STEAL THIS CAR
>>Yes ...absolutely ..there are exploits and holes in Linux BUT for the
>>most part you
>>are safe and free of the constant bombardment of microsoft windows
>>outlook and explorer
>>driven viruses.
>>I have used the same Linux PCs for email here for the last 10 years.
>>Ten years and NEVER had to rebuild a virus eaten Linux PC while at the
>>same time
>>my wife and kids have been down for viruses and adware hassles on a
>>regular basis with complete loss of
>>data, school work, and term papers.
>>They email to ME from their windows PCs and I keep their homework in my
>>email inbox and when they lose
>>everything on the windows PC , the Linux box is the archive backup.
>>When you get a problem on a Linux PC you get help to fix it for free but
>>you pay again and again and again
>>for microsoft , for the system, for the software, for the antivirus
>>software, for the technical help.
>>what I am suggesting is that you seriously consider using a Linux PC for
>>all your web needs instead of putting up with microsoft fiascos.
>>Do you lock your doors in your car when you go to the mall?
>>Think of it like this. Running windows is like leaving your keys in your
>>car at the mall, with the doors unlocked
>>and engine running.
>>Linux is more like a locked car. Bad guys can break in but they need to
>>work on it a lot more that you leaving the
>>door open, engine running , and a big sign that says "STEAL THIS CAR".
>>I'm a musician for the fun of it.
>>I like to record on the PC and play ensemble music.
>>I was a computer progammer for 20 years till retired.
>>I've seen it all.
>>Now that we do have something better than microsoft and for free, I
>>thought sharing would be the right thing to do.
>>Considering that every one of you that runs microsoft is CONSTANTLY
>>SHARING virus laden email
>>and sometimes you don't even know it.
>>Some viruses are written in Visual Basic.
>>The code is actually VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code associated
>>with the "" method. You can see the code by going into the
>>Visual Basic editor.
>>This is the case with the Malissa virus.
>>Linux does not know how to run Visual Basic.
>>Its back to that I don't know Russion so I don't understand Russian.
>>Same thing with scores of viruses written for windows PCs so if you run
>>Linux you are never affected by those attacks.
>>Its up to you to figure out how to make your life better.
>>I use Linux and suggest you do also.
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