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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000389.txt from 2005/04

From: Bill Hausmann <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Buffet Tosca Clarinet / Optional Key & Finger Memory
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 23:32:43 -0400

At 01:34 PM 4/25/2005 -0500, Tom Henson wrote:
> I wanted to share something with the list that might be of some interest.
>I recently purchased a Buffet Tosca clarinet (about 6 weeks ago) with the
>intent of using this clarinet as my main Bb until I can fully transition to
>the Wurlitzer Reform-Boehm clarinet. I also wanted a good French clarinet to
>replace my worn 1971 R-13 and to act as a back up.
>...About one week before the concert, I started to have a problem when I went
>to play a low F or middle C with my right hand little finger. I actually got
>to the place several times in rehearsal where I could not correctly feel
>where the regular key was. It was as if I had lost the memory for that one
>particular key. I was quite concerned that there was something wrong
>physically with my little finger, but I had no such problem with any of the
>other right hand lower keys. It was quite disconcerting to be playing a run
>over the break and then find that your right hand little finger just could
>not find the correct key. This only seemed to happened after I had been
>playing the clarinet for a while. I literally could not seem to feel where
>the F/C key was...

I got to play a little bit on a Tosca recently, and completely sympathize
with what was happening to you. I started having that problem almost
immediately. I think it is related to the similar problem I face when
attempting to play a clarinet with an alternate Eb key for the left
pinkie: because I know it is there, I unconsciously reach for it, whether
I want to use it or not. I find it almost impossible to avoid most alt Eb
keys (actually, the Tosca was the least problematical I have dealt with in
that regard). You may be able to overcome the problem by completely
ignoring that key and vowing NEVER to use it. Or, alternatively, train
yourself very completely in its use so you become very comfortable with the
keys. In the short run, the first idea should work better.

Bill Hausmann

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