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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000230.txt from 2005/04

Subj: [kl] Test Results
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 20:44:06 -0400

Dan responded to something I said:
How can you possibly say that the test was a long distance from good
when the argument offered was that it was possible to tell the
geography of
the player by the sound? Now THAT opinion is really bad science.

I say in response:
Yes, I understand, Dan. That was an opinion expressed and you said that
opinion was nonsense and you devised a test for it and you put work
into that test. I think the whole thing is great. A discussion
resulted. I think Lelia and Tom and David have made some more points,
but you did what you did and if we seem to criticize it is to perhaps
devise some other interesting test in the future. I was too glib to say
your test was not good science. Perhaps a better comment would have
been that it was not rigorous enough to settle all the questions that
are of interest. But that is not to disparage it, or you. Of course. My
point is that I love the test as I listen to it now. I encourage
everyone to listen to it. When all 20 items are downloaded, one can
pick and choose; one can play 5 seconds of this or that. One can
compare playing styles, compositional styles, compositional periods,
forms of music, group sizes and compositions. One can hear recording
issues. What Ben says is pretty clear to me. But still, everyone,
listen to it. It's great fun.

Wayne Thompson

PS I got 6 out of 20, when I listened this afternoon; I certainly don't
contribute to proving that premise.
PPS I absolutely don't want to lose the privilege of buying you pizza
on occasion.
PPPS I have been playing Contra Bass Clarinet in a Band lately. There
was a Contra Alto passage in the Holst that was flabbergasting for me.
It was so pretty and well executed. It is good to hear good playing.

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