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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000225.txt from 2005/04

From: "rien stein" <>
Subj: [kl] Dan's test
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 19:08:59 -0400

Lelia, sorry I disagree with your opinion.

The hypothesis posed was, that it would be possible to recognize local
differences in clarinet playing never mind what was played. Worded somewhat
differently: an expert, switching on his radio and hearing some (any) kind
of clarinet music should be capable to infer from what he heard: "German",
"French", or whatever it be. The original hypothesis was even less harsh: is
there any discernible difference between the "French" and "German" school if
I remember right.

Prsonally I had planned to participate in Dan's test, but I had a breakdown
in my soundcard. But of the first four pieces Dan put on internet I had
three right! And I didn't know one single piece! (After that I couldn't even
make out whether a clarinet, a saxophone or an oboe was playing, so I quit
the test.)

But it is maybe interesting to all those following this topic, that in the
Dutch radio (for those able to receive it: Hilversum 4) a program exists in
which a small (but professional) audience is asked to give its opinion on
new (and sometimes not-so-new recordings) they hear without being informed
about who is playing, and how often they identify at least the nationality
of the orchestra, soloist, choir, ... . Even when they don't know it is
Maria Callas singing an aria, Michael Collis playing Mozart, or the Boston
Symphony playing Beethoven. They often don't even know what is being played!

Thus, Dan, I think your test matched what you wanted to test, only the
number of participants was too small. And apart of that: the result by
definition will be clogged due to the difference in knowledge (and hearing)
of the participants, even had there been 1500 people participating!

Hope this helps to form an image w.r.t Dan's thesis.

Enjoy yourself tomorrow and ever after when playing your instrument!


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