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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000132.txt from 2005/04

Subj: [kl] Back in the U.S. they are!
Date: Sat, 09 Apr 2005 18:22:31 -0400

Hello everyone,
I've been playing on Heinz Viotto moutpieces for the last few years, a
CG2 to be spedific. I've found that Viottos are consistant and sound
great, they are on zinner blanks after all. So, I've decided to import
them and I'm putting some on Ebay. I have some killer Eb and bass
mouthpieces as well as Bb clarinet. I've also decided to clear the
desk of a bunch of other (non Viotto) mouthpieces that I've collected
over the years all of which sound good, with the right reed. So have
fun and good hunting!

I've also been doing some experimental recording with my new klezmer
ensemble I've have a few MP3s, recorded with my Yamaha Sev on a yamaha
aw16g in my living room that I think sound pretty cool, email me
privatly and I'll send them to you.

Tom Puwalski, former solo clarinetist with the US Army Field Band,
clarinetist with Lox&Vodka and author of the Clarinetists Guide to

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