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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000126.txt from 2005/04

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Subj: Re: [kl] re-emerging of the
Date: Sat, 09 Apr 2005 05:26:20 -0400

Dear Kelly,

I found out that the online sheet music vendor is carrying
the music for the concertino you're looking for. They don't seem to have an
English version on their website, but you can also contact them by email:
The site, with huge catalogue, is worth it anyway.

Good luck,

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Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2005 9:04 AM
Subject: [kl] re-emerging of the

> First of all, I must apologize to anyone trying to reach me over
> the past few months from the Klarinet list. I had a bout with
> very poor health last semester after Vioxx was taken off the
> market, and then this semester, I made up for it with 16
> concerts so far this semester, which left me virtually unable to
> read e-mail more than to check and flag messages on occasion,
> knowing I would never have time to follow up on them.
> Not eto Tom Henson...I will send you a detailed response to your
> e-mail in a day or so. It might be WAY too late to be relevant,
> but I will anyway.
> Anyway, as I am finishing up this semester, I am faced with
> quite a few decisions over the summer and fall semester in
> relation to literature to work on this summer. I am going to try
> to get clarinet lessons during the summer as much as I can from
> as many possible places viable for doctoral work. I have a few
> prospects, but am looking for others. I will have to narrow my
> selection of places to audition down to 5 or less, because of
> the enormous amount of requirements needed to apply for doctoral
> studies, and the wide variance in requirements from program to
> program. If anyone has a comprehensive list of college teachers
> of note in the US and abroad, this would be VERY helpful, as I
> pursued a few teachers over the past year and a few are moving,
> retiring, etc...
> One piece that has come up, which I have lost an uphill battle
> of securing a copy of the sheet music and/or even my own copy of
> the recording availble, is Concertino Pastorale by Allan
> Stephenson, a South African composer. I looked through the
> Klarinet archives, only to find links that, at one point, were
> probably very helpful. Unfortunately, I can only find a few
> references to his oboe concerto, and can't seem to get anywhere
> with Eble, Luyben, Frank, or any other music house in the US to
> secure this music. I am also interested in the orchestral part
> availability, as I would like to use this piece to audition for
> the concerto competition next fall for the orchestra scheduling.
> Any help in finding this sheet music and/or the publisher's
> current information would be extremely helpful. Thanks in
> advance!
> Next on my agenda is the Oklahoma Clarinet Symposium. Am I the
> only one who can't seem to find a link to information for this
> conference from Google,, or even the Oklahoma U
> page (and also the OK Clarinet Studio page?) I may be spending
> the summer in Kansas City, and would love to go, but can't find
> out information about it. A link to this information would be
> greatly helpful. I *did* see a reference to this conference by
> someone at Oklahoma U. as I went through ***3700*** e-mails I
> had been backlogged (which should tell you how long it has been
> since the last time I had been an active online entity.) I
> accidentally deleted this e-mail, and because there was so much
> in my trash going through these e-mails, the e-mail wasn't
> retained in the trash folder, and I couldn't retrieve it after I
> accidentally deleted it. Also, I can't seem to get a good search
> for the link that I saw in the e-mail through the klarinet
> archives. Not sure why. I am usually VERY successful with the
> archives, but they have been unhelpful for this link (as well as
> current info about Allan Stephenson.)
> One slightly off-topic anyone here going to the
> IDRS Double Reed convention in Austin June 4-8? I would love to
> meet some of you doublers out there...let me know!
> Sorry for the ultra, business first, kind of letter. I look
> forward to participating in the forum again on a regular basis
> since I am a little more able to now.
> Cheers!
> Kelly Abraham
> Woodwinds - Computer Geek
> Hattiesburg, MS
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