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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000308.txt from 2004/12

From: "Lelia Loban" <>
Subj: [kl] doodad
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 11:13:14 -0500

Ormond Montoya wrote,
>Webster's definitions for "doodad" emphasize the
>qualities of being nondescript, unrecognizable,
>trinket-like, decorative, ornamental, trivial, etc.
>Whereas gizmo, thingamabob, doo-hickey, etc
>emphasize that, in the conversation's context, a
>complete description and/or search for a name
>are unnecessary or not worth the effort that would
>be required.

Then I've been somewhat overly modest about the contents of my doodad
compartments. You're right: I really should refer to the gizmo bag or the
gizmo compartment, but realistically, this old dog probably won't learn
that new trick.... I wonder what other people pack?

Since I practice on several instruments that use the same doodads, I don't
duplicate all of the clutter in all of my cases, although if I'm re-lining
a case anyway, I try to set it up so that it would be useful all by itself.
Instead, I keep things that work on several instruments in an old "Case
Logic" rectangular padded thingie on the table next to my practice stand.
I also take it along on flea market road trips. (Originally the padded
whatsit, which I bought at a yard sale, was meant for storing audio
cassettes in a car, but I removed the plastic cassette container from
inside. If I ever played outside the house, I could put this lightweight
doohickey in the bigger gear bag containing a portable music stand,
instrument support stands, etc..) The alto clarinet, bass sax and
contra-alto clarinet each get specialized swabs and other doodads that
don't fit anything else, but here's the general-use stuff that I keep in
the padded thingum:

Gizmos: swabs; reed holders with reeds; cork grease; slide oil; bore oil;
key oil; pencil; eraser; pencil sharpener; ballpoint pen; note pad;
"mouthpiece saver" (used as a towel to dry out the inside of a mouthpiece
after rinsing it); pad-blotting tissues in a plastic bag; double-ended
spring hook; plastic bag with small pieces of fine sandpaper; washcloth (as
a small towel for mouthpiece and reeds after rinsing); set of jeweller's
screwdrivers; adjustable web strap (for holding a case closed if the
latches are bad); pipe cleaners, some full length and some cut in thirds
for the register key hole; neck strap for clarinet; harness for sax;
SaniMist spray; clarinet tuning rings; tweezers; matches and metal bottle
cap for hot match; pad cement; pad slick; paper clips; piece of string; 3
rubber bands; tube of Vaseline plain lip balm; polishing cloth for silver;
flannel polishing cloth for wood.

Doodads: broken rubber band; wad of something that looks like pocket lint
and cat fur -- eeeeew, is that a dried hairball? Did Shadow Cat leave an
editorial remark I failed to notice in my doodad bag...?

Lelia Loban
Happy holidays, everyone!

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