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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000201.txt from 2004/12

From: "Matthew Lloyd" <>
Subj: [kl] Christmas
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 04:42:59 -0500

You're quite right with all this.

I do get fed up with the over commercialisation, but really at heart I
think this is because it makes the lead up to Christmas so long that it
appears an anticlimax when it arrives.

I too feel no guilt about celebrating Christmas, and that is from the
mouth of an Atheist. I suppose I should feel hypocritical but I


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From: Ormondtoby Montoya []=20
Sent: 13 December 2004 02:48
Subject: RE: [kl] Is anyone there?

Matthew=A0Lloyd wrote:

> But isn't it a commercial holiday? You're not
> suggesting there is some other justification
> are you?????

WTFPIC, correct?

... but seriously, Matthew, should a person celebrate a holiday solely
because he/she feels good about being alive and about sharing a happy
experience with other huiman beings --- that is, being in a "holiday
spirit" --- without understanding or subscribing to whatever the
particular holiday is about?

I myself think so --- and that's why I don't feel bad about celebrating
for reasons that aren't canon parts of the holiday itself.

Putting my own religious beliefs aside for the moment, I feel no guilt
in celebrating Christmas (or Easter) by giving and receiving gifts even
though the stores are motivated almost exclusively by profit and even
though they do all they can to maximize their profits.

....yes, as somebody should've said:

"I would celebrate National Clarinet Day even with a bagpipe or a
trombone player."

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