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Subj: Re: Re: [kl] Scaramouche
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 01:16:25 -0500


Did Carina say why her father had had to flee the Nazis? His ethnicity was =
Swiss and Scots? Of course many different groups were subject to trouble un=
der these evil people---why Rascher?


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> As I remember it, Rascher said that he went to Paris to work on it with
> Milhaud---who was still composing the piece---in 1939---BUT it was sooo
> long ago!!!! (1972?)
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> On 1 Dec, Joze Kotar <> wrote:
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> > > Scaramouche by Milhaud was originally for sax according to Sigurd
> > > Rascher.
> [snip]
> > > Knowing that Milhaud alternated years teaching in Paris and Oakland
> > > California, I tried Oakland information and Milhauds number was
> > > I called, and was able to speak to him and ask that question---"Was
> it
> > > originally written for Rascher on the sax?" His answer was:
> "My dear boy,
> > > it is so long ago, I just don't remember."
> > I think that Scaramousche is originally for two pianos.
> The story I have is that it was an arrangement, listed as being for two
> pianos, of some of the incidental music Milhaud had written for a childre=
> play by Vildrac (after Moliere) called 'Le Medecin Volant'. This play
> was
> first performed at the Theatre Scaramouche in Paris in 1937 -- hence perh=
> the title of the piece.
> How the saxophone comes into the story I don't know. Might it have been
> a
> significant part of the original instrumentation (cf La Creation du Monde=
> 1923)? Perhaps someone else has more details.
> Tony
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> _________ Tony Pay =20
Scaramouche was written for Sigurd Rascher in 1939. Here's what I hear from=
Carina Rascher: She tells me that her father Sigurd was forced to emmigrat=
e from Germany in 1939 and for his protection, an obituary was published. O=
therwise, he was afraid the Nazis would chase him down. Milhaud had written=
Scaramouche originally for Mr. Rascher as a saxophone solo with orchestra =
but upon seeing the obituary, made a new version for two pianos. It wasn't =
until 1952 in Aspen, Colorado that Rascher met Milhaud again where the comp=
oser was conducting at a festival.=20


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