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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000943.txt from 2004/10

From: kimi <>
Subj: RE: [kl] Playing scales three octaves up
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 22:04:33 -0400

I can't agree with you more on that. She loves to
play her clarinet. At one point she had thought about
adding another instrument to repetoir and people kept
telling her that the instrument she wanted to add is
to hard and also can't be used in any highschool band
and at some point she finally gave up on the idea of
learning to play a soprano sax. She loves the ability
to play all those high notes and continues to move
onward with that even on her clarinet. Today she told
me she had thought about maybe adding a bass clarinet
but I dunno how much of a hassle that is going to be
in relationship to playing it at school. I'd rather
just maybe borrow one for a few weeks to see how much
time she puts into it at home than I had to buy one
and discover that she doesn't want to mess with it
after all. Her clarinet seems to be her first love
however and she is begging to be moved up to a more
advanced clarinet (she has a preference for a buffet
R13) but we'll have to see at some point about that
because I surely don't want using it during marching
season as much as they have to lay their instruments
down on the ground and on benches.

There is indeed a very high amount of pressure placed
on the kids in this band. It kind rubs off even on we
the parents at times.

During middle school band years, she had grown so much
in her skills that she had been invited into the
Northern counties of our area honors band and let me
tell you, it was the most beautiful band I had ever
heard. They sounded like pro's when they had their

She played in the middle school jazz band with her
clarinet but somehow i see a battle on the highschool
level to be allowed to play her clarinet in their jazz
band. The band director originally told her "sure you
can play your clarinet in the jazz band" but that was
before she started her first year as a highschool band
student and during the time he was recruiting
students. So we'll see if he lets her or not.

I'm glad I found this list, hopefully we both can gain
quite a bit of information from here.

--- Nicholas Yip <> wrote:

> I already do not like marching so much, and I have
> my fits with it but that
> is a whole different conversation.
> No wonder why your daughter is pressuring herself to
> do well. The band
> director comments like below. To me this can be a
> negative aspect. Music is
> suppose to be fun and educational. It is okay to
> push them, but stating that
> they must get straight superiors or else everyone
> looks bad is just
> negative. God help them if they miss one superior.
> Someone might shoot
> themselves.
> Nicholas Yip
> Clarinetist and Music Teacher
> >From: kimi <>
> >I can tell you this much, getting a superior seems
> to
> >be a big thing because I heard their band director
> >more times than once tell the students that if they
> >didn't get a superior, not only would it make them
> >look bad but it'd make him as a director look bad
> as
> >well as the school look bad because this band is
> >supposed to be the pride of this county.
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