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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000728.txt from 2004/10

From: Tony Pay <>
Subj: Re: [kl] A confession regarding K622
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 05:22:32 -0400

On 25 Oct, Adam Michlin <> wrote:

> Dear List,
> We have gotten a bit off track from what seems to be a rather interesting
> discussion regarding re-interpretation of K622 because of an extreme
> example of such re-interpretation. So I'm going to make a true confession
> to the list that may just put the discussion in a better context.
> I do not prefer to listen to K622 on basset clarinet.
> There. I've said it. I know all the logical arguments. I know I'm 110%
> against the facts. I know it "should" be played on basset clarinet. I just
> don't enjoy it as much.

I understand that you want to take that position. I seem to have heard it
somewhere before.

> At this point, it seems I must say this is not to place a value judgement
> on either those performing K622 on basset clarinet or those who prefer K622
> performed on basset clarinet (I envy you, the facts are on your side).
> I am not even going to try to justify why I prefer K622 on regular A
> clarinet. The thing is, you see, I don't have to justify it. I just like it
> that way. Insult me. Tell me I am factually wrong (I am). Sue me. Do your
> worst. It wont change what I *like*.


> To return to our extreme example, if a rapper were to create a version of
> K622 (not so far fetched a possibility) and someone actually liked it (a
> stretch, I realize), *they don't have to justify liking it*.


> -Adam
> PS: Isn't it great to live in a world where one can go to Tower Records
> and spend over $100 on various performer's opinions about K622? Would we
> really prefer having less options

fewer options

> dictated by some self appointed taste police persons?

Uh? Where did that come from?

> PPS: lists *72* different discs with K622. A great
> world, indeed.

I once noticed I had accumulated 12 LPs of the Brahms clarinet quintet, and
spent a couple of hours listening to their first movements.


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