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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000364.txt from 2004/10

From: Roger Shilcock <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Ideal clarinet tone
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 03:45:06 -0400

It also seems to be the case that, on recordings, one doesn't hear things
like ghost tones, slips of greasy fingers and key clicks, all of which make
a live clarinettist seem to be human and to have at least something in common
with us mere amateur toilers.
Roger S.

In message <> writes:
> I have spoken with Vincent Abato about this very subject and feel he has a
> rather interesting take on the subject of clarinet sound. He refuses to
> discuss anyone he has only heard on recording. He feels a recording does
> not allow him to make an educated comment about such a person. Luckily,
> there are very few musicians he hasn't had the privilege to hear live.
> Recordings, as wonderful as they are, are not "real". I suspect this is
> much of what caused problems in Clark's generation (and continues to be a
> hazard in today's upcoming clarinetists). A recording can be manipulated in
> 1001 ways before and after it is recorded. Attempting to sound like a
> recording is simply impossible and will get you in a lot of trouble in a
> live situation. A first clarinetist must be able to protect, at the softest
> volume, to the last row of the biggest symphony hall.
> That same clarinetist may have to drastically alter his sound in a
> recording situation (entirely dependant on the gig). Recording sessions
> often tend to be the opposite of an orchestra gig, up close dry mic'ing and
> who knows what the sound engineer is going to do to your sound.
> Don't get me wrong, I would never give up my CD collection, but I would
> suggest anyone worrying about an "ideal clarinet tone" might benefit from
> spending a little more time listening to live performances and little less
> time listening to recordings. I don't think there is such a thing as a one
> sized fits all "ideal" tone. But I do feel there is only one ideal flavor
> of ice cream, vanilla. And if you don't like vanilla, you're just wrong.
> Really really wrong.
> I once asked Mr. Abato who his biggest influences were and his response,
> without hesitation, was "Tommy Dorsey and Jascha Heifetz". Not a single
> clarinet player. Both players he was undoubtedly able to hear live. Listen
> to the best musicians instead of merely the best clarinet players and you
> (that's the general you) will become a musician who plays the clarinet
> instead of merely a clarinet player. In a perfect world, listen to them live.
> -Adam
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