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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000339.txt from 2004/10

From: "Keith" <>
Subj: [kl] RE: klarinet Digest 11 Oct 2004 08:15:04 -0000 Issue 5572
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 04:59:14 -0400


I forgot to mention, the cocnert was recorded by Radio 3, and the announcer
said that it would be broadcast on Nov 26. You might not know that radio 3
broadcasts are available for a week after the first broadcast, on the BBC
web site. Go to and follow the instructions to
get RealPlayer (the only program that works for this).


Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 19:28:02 -0400
From: "Lelia Loban" <>
Subject: [kl] Beethoven 7 for wind nonet
Message-ID: <>

Keith Bowen wrote,
>Well, I made it to the depths of Gloucestershire for the Orchestra of
>the Age of Englightenment soloists HarmonieMusik concert, and a most
>worthwhile trip it was. As Tony Pay remarked a while ago on the list,
>an isolated period instrument does not sound so very different from a
>modern instrument, but the effect of a whole ensemble is quite
>different. It gives a wonderful clarity and transparency to the music.
>The performances were splendid, and the audience were tremendously

I'm envious! Tony, I hope the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment will
soon bring this program or something similar over to those of us who were on
the wrong side of the Atlantic from Gloucestershire this time.

Lelia Loban
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