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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000294.txt from 2004/10

Subj: [kl] Re: Differing Skill Levels
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004 17:20:05 -0400

I have heard some very thoughtful, good comments about this from you all. I
am in the middle. I am not strong technically, having never really worked
through my Rose and all my scales. But I have some musical sense and enjoy
trying to play with the best rhythm, best sound, and best musicality I can. I am
still studying seriously. In my community band experience I love playing
music, first, and love blending with the other members, too. I think every player
who cares, technically strong, or not, should help teach the others whatever
they need or can accept. By playing my best, I set an example.

I appreciate Dan's honest comment that playing with better players help him
play well. I know that is true for me, too. But I also am helped play well,
as sort of a leader, when I think that the section needs some help with playing
in time, or playing in tune, or playing melodically. I hope this doesn't
sound too arrogant. I do make mistakes sometimes, and I don't believe standing
out as a show off. It's sort of a leadership, that I think I can offer. When
there is someone sitting in a higher chair than I, then it neccessarily must
be diplomatic, but I think I still contribute.

So I think anyone in a band, having chosen to be in it, should take a piece
of the resposibility to make it better. That should not make it less 'fun'.

Wayne Thompson

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