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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000155.txt from 2004/10

From: "Rose Harrison" <>
Subj: [kl] re: Clarinet Popularity
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 01:49:49 -0400

I started in the band because I wanted to learn piano and my parents could
not afford a piano plus we didn't have the room for one. In the 5th grade we
started with the flutophone (anyone else heard of those things??? LOL) to
see who was really interested. At the end of a certain amount of time, we
were allowed to pick out an instrument. Either I was absent when the class
was shown the different instruments or it was just presumed that we knew
which was which, but I at first choose the flute (flutophone--- flute, makes
sense right?? LOL) Well, I was the WORST flute player there ever could be!!
I could not hold out a half note and got dizzy when I practised 30 minutes!!
I switched over to clarinet (like my girlfriend was already playing!!) and
took off on that!!

Later, that same girlfriend came to me and complained that the director was
calling her his bassoon player and it was making her feel uncomfortable. I
told her that to get him to quit, tell him she would learn. She didn't want
to learn by herself so I told her I would learn with her. I thought a
bassoon looked like a bass clarinet!! LOL Boy, was I surprised!! The two of
us did learn how to play the bassoon, she quit and I became the band's sole
bassoon player. I played clarinet during marching season and bassoon during
concert season. The confusing time was in between the two seasons when we
were playing both types of music and I would get confused between the bass
and treble clefs!!!

If there is anything I miss about high school it is band, either marching or
concert. When I was a senior in high school it was my intention to go into
music education and I decided against it (didn't like the idea of listening
to wrong notes and making up half time show routines!!) I went into
radiology instead. But, I still love music and always will!! Go Band!!


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