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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000072.txt from 2004/10

From: CBA <>
Subj: RE: [kl] Clarinet popularity was: [kl] Re: Another Clarinet Faculty Vacancy
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 21:00:51 -0400

You know, if community bands and orchestras held auditions for
chairs for ALL of their members, and got rid of the bulls**t
involved in the politics of "waiting for the first chair person
to die," more of us older people who aren't ancient would play.

Every community orchestra and band I have played with had 3
things in common. 1. VERY old solo players who had been in the
community band/orchestra FOREVER, and the director was afraid of
moving them, for fear of them leaving because they didn't get to
play first. 2 very YOUNG players, or older players who are
learning an instrument, who aren't ready to play with an
ensemble, and *probably* would, if someone told them "take 6
months of lessons and come back." 3. very GOOD players, who stay
for a VERY short time, because they cannot move off the 2nd or
3rd part, because of politics, and no one wants to sit behind
someone in an ensemble when you can play their part, and they
aren't at sight reading level of play when the concert arrives.

We can't all wait for the first chair people to die, but we can
find more enriching playing experiences, so we do. I have played
in community organizations that auditioned EVERY year. At first,
many of the older people were upset that they chair they had
held for 35 years wasn't theirs anymore, but most of these
ensembles who had auditions, rotated parts to an extent, and if
the "old blues" were able to play the parts, they would rotate
back in for some of the concerts. If they weren't able to play,
they should understand that they too can play 2nd or 3rd for a
while, and maybe get their chops back in order for the next
year's auditions.

Just my little soapbox about community ensembles. Flame away!

Kelly Abraham
Woodwinds - Computer Geek
Hattiesburg, MS
--- Gary Van Cott <> wrote:

> I can't speak for the larger world, but our band at the
> community college
> could certainly use a few more clarinet players. It isn't
> unusual to have
> 10 trumpets, but we rarely have more than 6 clarinets. We
> could also use a
> tenor and baritone saxophone right now. (I know it is
> dangerous to ask for
> a tenor sax, but I can hope for someone who can play
> appropriately, can't I?)
> Gary
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