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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000001.txt from 2004/10

Subj: Re: [kl] [SOT] Jupiter spare parts warehouse?
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 04:14:45 -0400


At one time I was the largest Jupiter dealer in the USA. Back then they wer=
e considerably less than brilliant with spare parts---as a new manufacturer=
being sold in USA. By now they SHOULD, one would HOPE, have solved that pr=
oblem. You can contact them directly in Texas.

However....don't consider the bell a loss until I have seen it. Though I am=
known for my sax and clarinet work, a local group of brass players has a n=
ew hobby...."Can Kurt fix THIS bell?"~!!!
They keep bringing me hopeless trumpet and cornet bells, then sit around dr=
inking beer and betting on if I can get the accordion wrinkles out! So far =
I have gotten them all---and NONE of it with dent machines or anything else=
that destroys the bell and does not respect the brass. USUALLY, when they =
gather round at the pizza parlor afterwards they can't FIND any traces of t=
he original dents.

Part of this contest is to see if I can bring the tone back---including aft=
er the horns have been "repaired" elsewhere. (Last night I worked until 5 a=
m on one ---this has become our late night social event!!)

SOOOO you can send me the bell----Kurt Heisig Music, 1045 Water Street, San=
ta Cruz, California, 95003. UPS ships almost everywhere, and, you only have=
to ship the bell. Or you can e-mail me pictures at
t and I will tell you if I think I can fix it. It is much better in person,=
but a few pics is a GOOD idea.

A much BETTER idea is to get the student a used---with a good slide!!!---B =
& H or Besson 600 series (639?) made in England or Germany, or with a seria=
l number from the mid 80's (made under contract by Blessing). This is the f=
inest student trombone ever made (MUCH better than the other brands--like t=
he one we are talking about!). Frequently, in blindfold tests in our stores=
, they beat or equalled many pro trombones.

In 1983 they came out with their new plastic clarinet ----Evette---replacin=
g there old Bad Nauheim DOG!!!!
At the same time they came out with this 639(?) student trombone. There hav=
e been several versions:

1----Made in England in 1983---FABULOUS!!!!
2-----Shortly after, subcontracted ones made by Blessing USA. These were ac=
tually almost as good!
3----Made in England again!!! ---Fabulous!!!
4-----A USA made dog for awhile. Then they "lost" their USA top officer and=
5----A German made version of the same (late 90's? 2000?)----like the Bles=
sing made ones ---very good.
6----Now, I hear they are made in India-----and reported to be dismal----??=

The English, 80's USA, and German versions are by FAR the best student trom=
bones ever made.

Kurt Heisig
25 year associate of Dr. Claude Gordon
(he taught 8 years in our Saratoga studios)
Assistant to Dr. Gordon in his "Correct Teaching of Brass Class"
Developer of the low brass aspects (especially, trombone, bass trombone, an=
d Euphonium) of the Herbert L. Clarke--Claude Gordon Brass System.

(Saxophonist and clarinetist!)

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From: Anna Cecil=EDa Benass=ED <>
Sent: Sep 30, 2004 6:35 AM
Subject: [kl] [SOT] Jupiter spare parts warehouse?

Hi, all,

A student in my school had the misfortune to crunch the bell of his
Jupiter trombone the other day, and we've been informed that the damage is
beyond repair. On the other hand, it is possible to replace the damaged
part of the horn. Does anyone know of a spare parts warehouse that would
be willing and able to handle an order for a single replacement bell?

The student's parents are travelling to the US for a one-week stay in
early November and would like to bring a replacement bell home to Iceland.
I think they are hoping to travel without the instrument, and in any case,
the short duration of their stay would probably preclude their being able
to have the repair done while they are in the US. They will be in the NYC
area, but a mail order house anywhere in the continental US should be able
to service this request (I hope).

Any tips are very welcome.

Best regards,

Anna Benass=ED
l=F6ggiltur skjala=FE=FD=F0andi
enska <-> =EDslenska
Lindarbraut 2a
170 Seltjarnarnesi
s=EDmi: 562-6636
GSM: 895-1958

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