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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000691.txt from 2004/08

From: "D. Blumberg" <>
Subj: [kl] re: Debussy Rhapsodie
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 20:36:58 -0400

Sean - I worked on it extensively w/Gigliotti (and won a solo
competition with it that Curtis's Robert Fitzpatrick judged) and there
are several times which it is performed w/ C natural and not the Cb
which would carry over in the same measures (14 bars after 6, and 18
after 6 ). 2 bars after 7 as well as the other 2 you listed are
examples of that C Natural and not C Flat.

There is also an "F Flat" both F's in measure 6 (from the start of
piece). 8 measures before 7 the low E is a dotted sixtenth followed by
a 32nd Ab (my Durand edition has both listed as sixteenth notes).
2 after 7 the C is C Natural for the last C (the 1st one is correctly
I have that performance on my primetones page

Anybody can argue any of the corrections, but those work for me and
are what I believe are correct.

David Blumberg

Sean Osborn <>
Subject: Debussy Rhapsodie
Message-Id: <>

Dear list,

I am preparing the Debussy once again for some recitals this fall, and
noticed something that I never noticed before in my 20+ years of
it. We're all familiar with several discrepencies and copying errors,
the one I just noticed, I've never heard anyone discuss before.

14 bars after 6, and 18 after 6 do not match, but to my recollection,
are always played the same .... Playing C-flat in
that measure just doesn't sound right to me, and I can't recall anyone
playing it that way.

I'm sure many people on this list have researched this mistake (if it
one) in the past and can offer some insights into the correct pitch to

As for the 5th bar after 12 - I won't even go there! haha.


Sean Osborn

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