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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000644.txt from 2004/08

From: Tony Pay <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Period Performance in Wagner?
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 17:53:04 -0400

On 23 Aug, "Larisa Duffy and David Dow" <> wrote:

> As to Accurate I mean as to whether you are you using Editions that
> reflect the original autographed version ? (from the premeire
> performance).....
> or a Revised Edition which Wagner edited or had input on....?

I didn't look at the score -- but Simon said it was very heavily supported by
reams of footnotes, detailed things that Wagner had said at the time, and
during rehearsals, which acolytes had written down.

Not all of that was followed, of course. These things are very

I was pleased that after the German concert, a German member of the audience
buttonholed me and said, listen, I've heard that at Bayreuth many times, and
yours is much better.

But we have an advantage in that we bring to such a project a whole new level
of enthusiasm, just because we're trying to solve new problems that are
really quite difficult for us. (Human beings are at their best when

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