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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000391.txt from 2004/08

From: "Blake Arrington" <>
Subj: FW: [kl] Galper testimonial
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 11:45:13 -0400

Again, I didn't know if this made the list, but here it is.

Thanks for the great email Martin.

>From: Martin Arnold <>
>To: Clarinet <>
>Subject: [kl] Galper testimonial
>Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 08:08:28 -0500
>Mike and I studied with Mr.Galper and I'd like to add my thoughts:
>I started studying with Mr. Galper the last year of high school and
>continued throughout university. When I started my job with the Mexico City
>Philharmonic, trips back to Toronto would include a visit with the Galpers.
>And whatever clarinet problem that I would mention- which I had a vague
>notion of what it was, Mr. Galper would always be able to rapidly pinpoint
>what the real cause of the problem was and know how to fix it. It was like
>visiting a doctor for a semi-annual check-up. Even as a professional he was
>constantly, urging, encouraging, pushing, leading, guiding, cajoling and
>prodding me forward- hallmarks of a good teacher, and best of all by being
>good model himself.
>In the lessons I dreaded the questions, the entrapment: ³Just because it¹s
>marked piano, doesn¹t mean it should sound anaemic². ³It¹s marked piano,
>are you playing so loud?² ³ Have you listened to this?² ³How many times
>you listened to this?² ³Did you listen to the other parts, not just the
>clarinet part?² And later at night on the phone ³how¹s the practicing?² and
>than zoning in ³how many hours did you practise?²
>I was knocked out by his control of the instrument and his inimitable style
>He would often complain ³it sounds like just the notes² and then play the
>opening of the Brahms Quintet infused with that captivating, mysterious
>something of great playing.
> His knowledge of the clarinet was all encompassing; his basement housed a
>collection of hundreds of antique clarinets, and there was no facet of
>clarinet playing that he wasn¹t extremely involved in: writing method
>arrangements and inventions. His energy and vivacious mind belied his age.
>His articles in the clarinet magazine about Weber read like poetry to me.
>worked hard.
>The practise room led directly to the kitchen where Mr. Galper displayed
>Yoda-like love of food. ³What goodies did you bring for me today?² he would
>ask. Upon opening the freezer where he hid his private stash of almond bark
>he would quip, ³this isn¹t usually for company²
> He would often say to me in my lessons ³you will understand what I mean
>20 years² and it has been fortunate to have had this continuity in my
>studies: to be able to go back and ask and discuss with him that what he
>said 20 years ago if it meant this...The number of influential teachers I
>have had in my life I can count on one hand- not that I¹m complaining- and
>while many of the other pillars of my educational years have slipped away
>and remain a memory, Mr. Galper has remained a constant, continual and
>congruous support. I feel blessed to have had a figure like that in my
>He is a big part of who I am today. And that to me is how he goes on
>in the lives of us whom he touched.
>Martin Arnold
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J. Blake Arrington
Graduate Student--University of North Texas
Principal Bass & Eb Clarinet--Irving Symphony Orchestra

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