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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000244.txt from 2004/08

From: "Ken Wolman" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Ligature preferences
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 14:40:29 -0400

Speaking of music perhaps I should modify the tone a bit. Nancy,
nothing is directed AT you.

Ken Wolman wrote:

> How do you make a clarinet lighter? Ream the bore? I'm serious. The
> heaviest clarinet I ever heard was a Selmer Recital. It also had the
> lightest touch.

What I meant to write was "clarinet I ever HELD." Of course I heard it
when I played it, but I wasn't just a passive audience member. In fact
the Recital weighed quite a bit but the tone was extraordarily sweet.
Now we can all argue about "tonality" words: sweet, dark,
sounds like chocolate:-).

> Now, hearing about savings is nice but knowing up-front costs is even
> better. I have never heard a semi-critical word about Morrie Backun's
> work, and his client list reads like all the winners of Clarinet Star
> Search. That said, I'm sorry, don't tell me about "estimates," tell me
> what you charge. Morrie's website omits prices. What's his bargain for
> an overhaul? I'm thinking Selmer Series 9: another horn with the weight
> of a baseball bat. I was told the prices of his barrels and bells,
> thank you. Remember, I don't make money playing so this is not a
> self-sustaining operation for me.

Neither is this an attack on Morrie Backun. It simply expresses my
disturbance at an industry where the best people seem unwilling to
commit themselves. They must've learned this from guys on a date:-).
How many repairpeople will tell you up front what it's going to cost?
Are they the ones screwing themselves or you if they set a price that is
too low for their costs and too high for you? Professional
clarinet?--$XXX dollars. Repadding only?--XXX. If Morrie works on a
horn-by-horn basis and sets prices based on the condition of YOUR
instrument, all the same I would like a possible range based on his
experience, which I gather is by now rather extensive.

What I suppose I'm asking is how Morrie works: no promo material, not
just how much money it will cost me assuming I can ever do this, but
comments from a customer who has at least dealt with him up front.

Kenneth Wolman
Proposal Development Department
Room SW334
Sarnoff Corporation

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