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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000180.txt from 2004/08

From: CBA <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Material influence on more time
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2004 05:52:27 -0400


No prob on the rehearsal! I should have been more time
restrictive at the vendors and have gotten my business with
Clark finished before the last day too!

The South treated me to a mid 90s 95% humidity welcome. All my
reeds are soggy (I am having to move up to 4.5s now because the
3.5s and 4s are wet noodles from the humidity.) One nice thing
is that all my reeds have a better ring than before, so volume
is no longer a problem...maybe that's why there are more
marching bands in the south? LOL

Hope to see you in Atlanta in 2 years!

Kelly Abraham
Woodwinds - Computer Geek
Hattiesburg, MS
--- Sue Raycraft <> wrote:

> > BTW...It was great meeting Rebecca, Sue, Nancy, Mark <snip>
> thanks Kelly, it was great meeting you too, even if I DID make
> you late
> for clarinet choir rehearsal....sorry about that. also enjoyed
> the
> two hours in bad traffic that it took us to get to the crab
> place. Thanks
> for the ride, it was good to get the chance to get to know
> you! although
> I already knew from your posts that you are a very
> level-headed
> kind of person.
> > As far as rubber clarinets go, I tried the Ridenour C
> Clarinet
> > and was REALLY impressed with the quality and intonation. I
> > still love my Patricola C, but this would be an AMAZING
> addition
> > to my clarinets, as a lot of my C clarinet jobs are in
> churchs
> > where the temperature of the church changes by 20-30 degrees
> > between the time I open the case and the time the services
> are
> > over. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone
> needing a
> > C clarinet!
> ha ha ha ha ha see, someone AGREES with me on this one!!!!!
> I love my Ridenour C clarinet and I use it in church every
> week.
> (and like Kelly says, the intonation is great)
> Sue
> PS Hope you are having a blast back in the South, Kelly!

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