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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000008.txt from 2004/08

From: "Matthew Lloyd" <>
Subj: RE: [kl] Material influence on more time
Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 12:50:36 -0400

I believe that the Boosey and Hawkes Imperial models WERE available in
Ebonite. Certainly the Eb was.


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From: Lelia Loban []
Sent: 17 July 2004 13:02
Subject: [kl] Material influence on more time

Has any company ever promoted a rubber clarinet as a top-of-the-line
instrument? I have some old advertisements featuring rubber clarinets,
all are listed as student or economy models. The hard rubber clarinets
I've seen and/or played on have also been student or economy models.
They've all been notably bad instruments, but the worst problems had to
with intonation, more than tone quality. Moreover, the intonation
were typical of low-end clarinets in general, regardless of materials:
extremely wide twelfths, stuffy clarion D and E from the lower register
key, and off-pitch LH C#/G# and throat tones. I have no clue whether
rubber construction material might have affected the quality, since I've
never been able to find any rubber clarinet that a leading manufacturer
claimed as a top-quality competitor against fine wooden clarinets from
same era.

Some of the old rubber clarinets have a metal tube up the center of one
both stacks, to protect the integrity of the shape, but sections without
metal can warp, if they're subjected to heat and sunlight, for instance
a case left open for display at a summer flea market. I saw one
that sagged quite a lot, in an old case of the type that stores the
mouthpiece and barrel, still joined, in one compartment and the two
sections and the bell still joined and suspended over an empty space
the middle. I doubt that there's much a technician could do to salvage
warped rubber clarinet.

Lelia Loban
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