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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000769.txt from 2003/10

Subj: [kl] An awsome repair job!!
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 17:46:29 -0500

I just got my set of Yamaha SEVs, back from Morrie Backum's shop in Canada. Man are these clarinets playing great. He evened out the response on them and they just respond like gang busters. These clarinets were damn good to start with I really didn't think that they could play any better than they did. But they do! I wanted them to play like butter and they do!
I was excited when I got my Eb back from him a few weeks back and it was playing like a real clarinet, and It still had the stock Yamaha barrel and Bell on it. I'm amazed at how much the A and the Bb play the same. Some how he evened something out between them, and it's fun to just play the A now. He did some absolutely gorgeous work! Now I'll have to send out the Buffet C clarinet and see how that turns out. Well I'd rave on some more but I'm going to go practice these great horns.

Tom Puwalski, author of the Clarinetists Guide to Klezmer, Clarinetist with Lox&Vodka, and Yea I used to play in one of those special military bands, but the flash backs and bad dreams are starting to subside so why go there

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