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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000665.txt from 2003/10

From: "Patricia A. Smith" <>
Subj: [kl] Accomodating students who have special circumstances; was, Starting
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 23:40:44 -0400

James Hobby wrote:

>We had a very interesting student, in one school, who played tuba quite well. He also played football. His father had his uniform waiting in the dressing room. The coach and I had an accommodation. He would leave the
>field five minutes before half-time, get into his uniform, and be ready to pick up his tuba and carrier from one of the managers, before we were ready
>to come onto the field.
>We have two students in marching band who also play soccer, now. The coach & the band director worked out some time-sharing program for these two students. I was surprised at the level of bon ami between the two
>departments, here.

>Sorry I wandered off the topic. I meant to say, while students can be started whenever they are physically able and mentally willing to learn. It is important to determine what situation they are going into at school.

Jim, actually, I think you bring up some VERY important issues to those
of us who either ARE teaching both privately and in the public school
music programs or hope to soon:

1) cooperation with other faculty in ensuring that students who WANT and
NEED to participate in more than one program can do so, without undue
disruption to either program, and with best results for all;

2) how cooperation between music teachers and other faculty in schools
can foster a) a positive attitude amongst other faculty and non- music
students towards the music program; and b) possible develop a future
interest in music on some level amongst students who normally feel that
music is only for the kids who are "good at it".

I know sometimes I tread on some very dangerous ground with some of my
attitudes concerning music education (and I'm not referring to band
dictators here; they work hard - and I'd like to put in a personal word
to my local friend who's been a real help in getting me some work as a
sub here, Chuck Hite - he's a superb band "dictator" and he's got a
super program). I feel that part of my job as a teacher - and this is
only personally - is to not only teach the students I may have in my
classes, but also to show that music is for ALL people! We all have some
capability to make music, and to utilize it for personal expression and
creativity of some sort to help make our own lives better.

Jim, I don't think this is off - topic at all, since the reason I keep
coming back to playing the clarinet every time I want to quit (because I
think I'll never be as good as the greats like Tony P. and David N. and
those folks!) is because playing clarinet (along with my spiritual
beliefs and some other wonderful things) takes my life from the mundane
and brings it to a higher level of experience. My life wouldn't be
anywhere as happy without music. And playing the clarinet is ...I can't
explain it. It's kind of like a rush, almost. And I want to share
that feeling of creating...even if only in a small way.

Kindest regards to all, you keep me in the game

Patricia Smith

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