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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000599.txt from 2003/10

From: <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Who speaks?
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 08:07:59 -0400

I wrote:
> >True, and with this statement you have to add "and neither do a lot of
> >players" to balance what seems to be some bias against composers.

> Well, what I wrote was mostly idiocy. If it were not for composers we
> would have nothing to play. I recognize in my diatribe the assertion that
> composers' own thoughts on their music is of little consequence. As Mr.
> Pay observed this may or may not be the case. I think we at least owe
> the consideration of trying to find out.

No diatribe, it`s just good to realise how much consideration *for the
performer* a good many composers strive at, when shaping their music.

> > > > may have been a real sod?
> Interesting choice of words. Mr. Leeson could elaborate on Schubert and
> Tchaikovsky in this regard.

Yes, a drivel, if interesting choice of word for me to use.
> > This is silly. We all of have this
> >ability in us, not least of all the performers, who wouldn`t work for the
> >pay check that composers receive.
> Yes. What I dislike is the view that the composer has THE magical or
> mystical answer to the secret of the performance of their work. I used to
> feel they did. Maybe some do. Mostly they rely on the performer to put
> his best effort to learn and present their work. They listen and learn
> decide what direction they will take in subsequent compositions. [gross
> generalization].

I have no doubt some do, adding 'subsequent performances' also. But a
composer will portray some humility in front of an orchestra, as will the
conductor. All that the players will do is shout "That`s impossible",
without too much calm and informative co-operation - letting myself wide
open again for yet another invasion from all desks. Smile :)

> > > "That was so boring everyone should have left the hall so the tumble
> > > and crickets could come in."
> > > Eric Sutherland age 9, after hearing his dad and 3 other clarinettists
> > > perform Anderson's "Clarinet Candy" in concert.
> >
> >So who was at fault here - the composer or the performers? : )
> The artistic director. It was his big idea.
> But really folks "Clarinet Candy" is a delightful bon
> bon. "Buglers' Holiday" with scales. A treat to play and hear.

I`m glad Eric is only 9, or I might have been tempted to - well, I think his
dad should fill his Xmas stocking with a selection of his favourite flora &
fauna, and his favourite bugs!

Keep practicing (HOW *DO* YOU SPELL THIS WORD?)

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