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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000554.txt from 2003/10

Subj: Re: [kl] CD Recording - vaguely OT
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 23:18:11 -0400


Thanks for the lead on a sonogram program. I'll check it out.

This is National Chemistry Week, so over the weekend I burned 6 CDs with
Tom Lehrer's song "The Elements" for my colleagues. Then I put one in each
of their boxes and kept one for myself. During an idle moment in the
afternoon I put the CD into my CD-ROM drive. It saw a 1 kB .cda file and
nothing else. I've had this happen before and I've observed that a burned
CD which plays on one machine isn't even recognized by another. I wish
these things were produced fail safe, but they aren't.


At 18:25 2003-10-20 -0400, you wrote:
>At 01:43 PM 10/20/2003 -0700, Oliver Seely wrote:
>>...Anyway, once the .wav file is produced and edited, it can be converted
>>to a standard audio CD by any number of pieces of software. If anyone
>>has a favorite sonogram program, please let me know.
>I use DC Art Millenium for recording and editing. IT displays a good
>sonogram. It also has MANY useful filters specifically designed for
>cleaning up 78 rpm recordings. Once I am done there, I use Easy CD
>Creator for the actual burning.
>Bill Hausmann
>If you have to mic a saxophone, the rest of the band is TOO LOUD!
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