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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000328.txt from 2003/10

From: Dan Leeson <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Who speaks?
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 17:08:44 -0400

Erik Tkal wrote:
> At 08:53 PM 10/10/2003 +0100, Tony Pay wrote:
>>*Your* feelings are beside the point. *Putting your feelings into it*
>>just buggers it up.
> ---------------------------------------------
> Tony, I respectfully beg to differ on this point.
> How can one *not* put their feelings into it? When I play, the piece itself affects me. This causes me to be emotional at some parts, perhaps less so at others, and I find that this provides a sort of feedback which affects the manner in which I interpret and play it. If this didn't happen wouldn't all performances sound the same except for differences in technical capability?
> Erik Tkal

Erik, everyone must find their own way to do things, but I am on Tony's
side on this one. A real artist must contain the passion and not let
the performance be led by it. When the feelings come out (at least in
my case), it does, as Tony says, bugger up the performance.

I recognize that this is counter intuitive, but at any concert, the ones
whose passion needs to be unrestrained, are those attending the concert,
not the ones playing it.


**Dan Leeson **
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