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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000310.txt from 2003/10

From: "Tim Parks" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] More on reeds
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 10:02:45 -0400

my reed memories and memory is not one of my strong points and my band days
were anything but glorious. We played on Rico reed. I recall that there was
some sort of plastic reed but the one I borrowed never did anything for me.
I kind-of remember that the "rich kid" in the band had some high price reed
once, but only once, but I used the 25 cent special and so did everyone else
and a fingernail clipper to get extra mileage out of it. Different strengths
was the only option.
Last year after a thirty year break from playing I find out way that there
are way too many options available and to top it off, I find out that all
mouthpieces are not the same. I feel like Rip VanWinkle except worse because
I find out that all these "toys" were available when I was young. How nice
it would have been to have such an arsenal of excuses instead of my tired
old excuse that I forgot my nail clipper and my reed was chipped. I could
have blamed it on the wrong setup for the weather conditions or any
combination of mpc, lig, reed problems. Hours of productive practice could
have turned into obsessing about these things. I would have learned a good
work ethic as I worked two afterschool jobs to support my gimmick habit. My
back would be straighter now since I would have carried my clarinet in one
hand and balenced it with the gimmick bag in the other. The Delux kit with
an open, med, close mps's, 600 grit paper, reed rushes, glass plates, reed
trimmer, reed scraper, three different ligitures, maybe half dozen barrels,
at least five different brand reeds, humidity controlled reed case, and of
coarse the two most important items, nail clipper, one extra rico reed
(chipped but not dead)

i must go back to work now.

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