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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000158.txt from 2003/10

From: (Ormondtoby Montoya)
Subj: [kl] ClarinetFest CD
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 15:45:27 -0400

I know, deep down in my heart, that I should bite the bullet and say
nothing on-list; but I am disappointed and a bit perturbed now that I've
received the ClarinetFest CD that I ordered. It has multiple skips -
perhaps half-a-dozen, scattered across the CD. At first, I supposed
that one CD players was to blame, but now I know that the skips happen
on all three players including my 'hi fi' setup at home, and none of my
other CDs skip on the same players.

Thanks to Ben Maas's previous explanations, I understand that there's a
difference between CDs that are stamped from etched glass masters and
CDs that are burned directly by a laser. I suppose this is the
explanation. But mine is so bad that I'm debating whether to ask for a
replacement or just trash this CD and swallow my disappointment.

Perhaps my copy is a fluke, and hence asking for a replacement would be
useful; or perhaps other people are having the same problem with their
CDs and hence a replacement isn't likely to help?

Thanks for letting me rant.....

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