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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000035.txt from 2003/10

From: "Todd Holmberg" <>
Subj: [kl] Clarinet Vacancy - Int'l Youth Symphony Orchestra
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2003 09:08:35 -0400

I am not sure if this message has appeared on the clarinet list yet or not,
therefore, I apologize if you have received it twice. Thank you.

Dear Clarinet Teachers and Performers:

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp’s International Exchange Program is announcing
openings in the 2004 International Youth Symphony Orchestra for PRINCIPAL
AND SECOND CLARINET. Your advanced high school students seeking a musical
and cultural experience of a lifetime are encouraged to audition! The
International Youth Symphony Orchestra will tour for approximately three
weeks next summer, performing in several European communities while staying
in host family homes. The IYSO will also travel on a short “mini-tour”
within the Midwest. The 2004 IYSO will be under the direction of Fritz
Stansell and will perform exciting repertoire including:

1. Rimsky-Korsakov’s Capriccio Espagnol
2. Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite
3. Shostakovitch’s Festive Overture
4. Respighi’s Pines of Rome
5. a major concerto (to be selected based upon the best soloist selected for
the IYSO)
6. many other challenging works

We are primarily looking for enthusiastic musicians that can demonstrate
good tone, intonation, vibrato, various articulations/styles, and solid
technique. Students interested in auditioning for this program should
submit a CD or cassette recording containing:

1. their most advanced solo and etude demonstrating contrasting styles. The
lyrical selection should focus on beauty of tone, phrasing and expression.
The articulated piece should demonstrate their most advanced technique.
2. an articulated chromatic scale, ascending and descending, demonstrating
their full range on the instrument.
3. two articulated major scales their full range on the instrument.
4. one melodic minor scale is optional.

Applicants are also required to complete and submit an application and three
letter of recommendation forms. The application and recommendation forms
can be obtained by calling our office at 1/800-221-3796, ext. 208 or 267.
Qualified applicants will be selected for telephone interviews. Because the
most qualified applicants will be awarded positions on a first-come,
first-served basis, applications should be submitted as soon as possible.
More information on Blue Lake’s International Exchange Program (dates,
costs, etc.) can be found below. We are also available to answer questions
if you call our office at 1/800-221-3796, ext. ext. 208 or 267. Thank you
and we look forward to hearing from your students!


Todd Holmberg
Program Director, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp

More About the Program...
Blue Lake’s International Exchange Program, established in 1969, is
dedicated to promoting peace and understanding through the universal
language of the arts. Since its inception, nearly 22,000 young European,
Asian, and American artists have exchanged performances and experienced the
love, wonder, and excitement of living with host families in a foreign land.
More than 100,000 families in Europe and America have provided generous
hospitality for the participants. Countless concert goers on both
continents have also been touched by these goodwill ambassadors.

Getting Ready for Tour...
Students attend one rehearsal at Blue Lake in November (strings only), one
rehearsal in April, a weekend of rehearsals in May, and a full week in June.
During that time, students participate in rehearsals, sectionals, classes,
and orientation to prepare for their trip. Parents are provided with
separate informational sessions in November and April regarding the details
of the tours. All participants receive helpful written material to help
them prepare for their trip.

While on Tour...
While on tour, Blue Lake’s International groups will present a performance
in each community they visit and stay in private homes with host families.
Community leaders and educators serve as chairs for our groups and arrange
itineraries, special events, performances, and host family accommodations.
Tours last approximately three weeks, include approximately six to seven
communities in two to four different countries. All groups also travel on a
short “mini-tour” within the Midwest.

Blue Lake annually sends six performing groups on concert tours in Europe.
This season a symphony orchestra, choir, jazz band, ballet ensemble, and two
wind ensembles (one touring Northern Europe and one touring Southern Europe)
will represent Blue Lake. Members of these groups are selected from Blue
Lake’s campers and other talented students. Approximately 1,600 students
audition each season, and 350 are selected for the program. Families then
have an opportunity to enroll or decline the invitation. Enrollment takes
place between September and December, and all prospective students will be
contacted with the result of their application.

Students are selected for the International Program based upon their written
application, audition, telephone interview, and teacher evaluations.
Artistic ability, maturity, manners, and character play an important role in
a student’s application, as groups of the International Program not only
perform at a high level of proficiency, but also serve as ambassadors for
Blue Lake, the United States, and their own families. Students enrolled in
the Blue Lake International Exchange Progam are expected to exhibit a high
standard of maturity and discipline.

Many of the students who have participated in the International Program have
had success in receiving donations for a significant portion of their
tuition. Most funds have been raised by applications to community service
organizations, school support groups, and local businesses. Because the
opportunity to participate in the International Program is such an
outstanding educational experience, many organizations are willing to
contribute to a student’s tuition. Blue Lake can assist those who choose to
fundraise by sending letters of support, explaining the program and its
benefits. More information on fundraising is available from the
International Office.

The Enrollment Process...
An invitation letter and contract materials will be sent from the
administration once a student has been accepted. Contracts include basic
information regarding tuition, payments, and refunds, as well as an
extensive explanation of the International Program’s behavioral expectations
for students and a student pledge. Families are given approximately two
weeks to read materials and call with questions before the contract is due.
The signed contract and pledge, along with the deposit, must be received by
the International Office in order to ensure enrollment. The cost for
international tuition/ uniforms was approximately $3,500 for the 2003 tour.
($750 of this was the required deposit.) This tuition includes: instruction,
orientation, materials, housing and meals while at camp, and all commercial
transportation costs. Students and families are also responsible for the
required uniform items, spending money, and getting to and from rehearsals
and meeting sites.

BLFAC Rehearsals: November 9, 2003 STRINGS ONLY
April 25 . . . May 21 – 22 – 23, 2004 FULL ORCHESTRA
BLFAC Intensive Week: June 11 – 20, 2004 FULL ORCHESTRA
Mid-West U.S. Tour: June 20 – 21, 2004
Departure for Europe: June 21, 2004
Return from Europe: July 13, 2004
Michigan Mini Tour: August 11 – 12 – 13
Homecoming Concert: August 13, 2004

TOURS: Each of the 6 Blue Lake groups will visit 2 or 3 countries and at
least 7 communities in Western Europe. Although final and confirmed tour
schedules will not be available until the April rehearsal, we are presently
working on development of tour schedules which will include most Central
European countries (Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria,
Denmark, France)

* FEE: $ 3,550 (An additional 385 Euros to add Blue Lake in
France) . . . payable in $700 deposit plus monthly installments.

* DATES and FEES are tentative, and based upon 2003 Flight Schedules and
Plane Fares

New for 2004 . . . . BLUE LAKE IN FRANCE . . . a 10-day program extension
dedicated to the promotion of Friendship, Understanding and language
improvement for young French and American musicians (Available to Brass,
Woodwind and Percussion students enrolled in our of the 2004 BLIEP Groups).
Location: Puy L’Eveque, France . . . a beautiful Medieval village situated
on the Lot River in Southwestern France. Dates: July 13 – 22.

Please contact:
Blue Lake International Exchange Program
300 East Crystal Lake Road
Twin Lake, Michigan 49457
(800) 221-3796 or (231) 894-1966

Sandy Sheroky,
Executive International Secretary

Jennifer Turner,
International Executive Assistant

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