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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000000.txt from 2003/10

From: "H. de Nijs" <>
Subj: RE: [kl] Clarinet Overhaul Hell: Thomas Ohme - The Woodwind Shop
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 03:15:06 -0400


Probably we are meaning the same. In Germany, Austria( and also =
Holland) the
term Bassethorn mouthpieces is "commonly" used(in any case for the =
brands). I don't know if the dimensions of a socalled alto mouthpiece =
is the
same in comparance with the bassethorn mouthpiece. See also e.g the =
AW-reeds or Herbert Wurlitzer Web sites: only "bassethorn mouthpiece" =
offered. Alto mouthpieces are not mentioned at all.=20
The same for the fitting reeds, used term in german: =
"Bassetthornblatt", see (also english pages). To my knowledge all present and =
german brands bassethorns (e.g. M=FCller, H=FCying, Leitner&Kraus, =
Dietz, H.
Wurlitzer, P=FCchner, Mack, Reidel, Schwenk&Seggelke, Uebel and former
Mollenhauer, Fritz Wurlitzer....) are only playable with the bassethorn
By the way i'm playing the Oehler system as well as the Reform-b=F6hm =
same bore, same mouthpiece.

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Dan Leeson []
Verzonden: dinsdag 30 september 2003 17:41
Onderwerp: Re: [kl] Clarinet Overhaul Hell: Thomas Ohme - The Woodwind

Hans, I don't understand your use of terminology. When you say that=20
your Wurlitzer bassethorn is only playable with a bassethorn =
what are you saying? Do you mean that it requires and alto clarinet=20
mouthiece or a soprano clarinet mouthpiece. To clarify, let me state=20
that both of my Selmer basset horns, and my new Fox basset horn as well =

as Steve's all use a soprano clarinet mouthpiece. The LeBlanc, new=20
Buffet, and Uebel use an alto clarinet mouthpiece.

The fact is that the phrase "basset horn mouthpiece" is ambiguous, =
is the reason I don't understand your use of temrinology here. Please=20


P.S. Is your Wurlitzer a German or a French system?

H. de Nijs wrote:
> It is good news to hear that the excellent german book about =
> (authors: Thomas Grass and Dietrich Demus) will be translated soon =
> English, because of it gives a very good insight in history of this
> wonderfull instrument and a nice overview about the numerous small =
> bassethorns in Germany (and Austria) as well as the b=F6hm system =
> playing a fantastic Fritz Wurlitzer Bassethorn (diameter 16,95 mm) =
> latest period (1974), completely handforged keywork and a dream of a
> of course only playable with a bassethorn mouthpiece (with basethorn
> which gives in my opinion the optimal resistance for a characteristic
> bassethorn sound. =20
> Hans
> -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
> Van: Michael Bryant []
> Verzonden: dinsdag 30 september 2003 16:48
> Aan:
> Onderwerp: Re: [kl] Clarinet Overhaul Hell: Thomas Ohme - The =
> Shop
> Thank you Dan for your summary of basset horns in all their breeds.
> The bore of my Uebel at the middle joint is 17 mms*.
> The tone is now good, I am satisfied with it.=20
> I will not defend my dexterity or lack thereof.=20
> This Uebel cannot be played with an alto mouthpiece=20
> (which I have). One is not supposed to admit to owning=20
> an alto clarinet, but I do. It is rather old, and made by=20
> Alexandre, Paris, possibly getting on for 80-100 years ago=20
> and has a crumpled metal horn. I am looking for a orphaned=20
> alto clarinet horn to graft on, if anyone knows of such a thing.=20
> The bore in 18 mms. I lack the latest Langwill, but an Alexandre,=20
> Paris is in Langwill VI (1980, of which I see as few as 1000=20
> copies were printed) dating from 1839-1850 and making=20
> brass instruments.
> =20
> *John Newhill, in his book on the basset horn, of which=20
> I happen to have a copy of the smarter new edition,=20
> (available from Gary) suggests the following bore sizes:
> 16 mms or less as narrow (Buffet before 1990, Fox,=20
> Selmer, Ripamonti)
> 16-17.2 mms as medium (All German/Austrian makers,=20
> Fox, Buffet after 1990) and=20
> 18 mms and over as large (Leblanc)
> After the publication of the German book on the basset horn, which=20
> has a repertoire catalogue of over 90 pages, several specialists=20
> have offered a further 140 works, for inclusion in the second =
> The second edition will form the basis of an English edition, now
> being translated in Germany. A small group of enthusiasts and=20
> professionals in Britain have been 'rounded up' by the authors=20
> to proof-read the translation.=20
> MB
> Dan Leeson wrote on Tuesday, September 30, 2003 2:40 PM
> Subject: Re: [kl] Clarinet Overhaul Hell: Thomas Ohme - The Woodwind =
> snip
> =20
>>The German basset horns made in the French system were problematic in =

>>that they all had wide bores, and I was not satisfied with the =
>>of sound produced. It was invariable stuffy and hard to play, what =
>>that alto clarinet mouthpiece, which I hated.
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