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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001202.txt from 2003/06

From: "Anthony Wakefield" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] The Stravinsky chord
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 17:28:06 -0400

From: "Erik Tkal" <>

> Anonymity isn't such a bad thing, get over it.

Yes it is, and don`t you tell me what to do! <You> get over it brother!

>Why do you assume it's offensive to everyone just because it seems to
bother you so much?

I don`t assume. Everybody in their right minds would say "Who is this guy?"
no matter what the content. The immediate replies were of this nature. It
took a turn for the worst when I wasn`t aloud to explain my point of view
properly, which I did manage to do in fact. Idiots jumped on me. My idea of
no anonymity is a very sane suggestion. Don`t try to tell me anything else.

>And what makes you think you're so interesting?

There you go again. I didn`t say that at all - I said that I was a "fairly
interesting contributer", which I am. This is an extremely offensive, bitter
and dogmatical untruth.

> Yes, you have your right to speak up on issues. And so does the original
poster that started this thread. You made a sweeping generalisation and he
simply stated that you cannot make such an assumption about how the rest of
the members on this list might feel about Martin's CD. Yet you chose to
attack the fact that he did not post his name. Were you trying to detract
from his comment?

No I wasn`t. This attack, your attack sounds very much like it is just for
the sake of it. Lots of people have indeed expressed how they feel about the
CD, so my "sweeping generalization" in your words was not so wildly
It`s become a free for all now, with others of the trigger happy kind just
taking silly pot shots, unable to counter my logic. You don`t know or cannot
understand any of the reasons for my reply, because you won`t try to
understand what it was I saying - that is that there is indeed a "beneath
the surface comradeship" in this list where assumptions are made rightly or
wrongly. On the table comradeship in a lot of cases also. But one of the
first to jump on me was Mark himself, who says this list is not moderated(?)
There has also been no criticism of Martin Powell`s CD at anytime in here.
Nothing but praise from all who received a copy. So it was, and is safe to
make a comment like I did. There is nothing politically incorrect about what
I did. There was nothing criminal; nothing silly; and certainly nothing
damaging. I will admit that I was probably boosting the worth of Martin`s
CD, but everyone does this when something is appealing. It could be taken
too far some might say. What is too far then, in this instance, that it is
attractive enough for you to have me unfairly cornered? We all do it and
there`s nothing to get uptight about it, certanly in this case. So one and
all, will you please close this down once and for all.

>The whole thread did nothing more than make me go back and read what he
said, and his comment was perfectly valid.

As was mine.

> >Poppycock!

>No, it's not. These attacks often make me less likely to post and to lurk

I am going to defend myself in here if it takes another 100 posts. I am
being victimised in no uncertain terms, unjustifiably. I`m sorry if you wish
to go back to lurking, but why not think about contributing instead? There
is nothing obscene in here - once people get off my back.
Tony Wakefield
PS. I`m not going to reply individually to all of today`s posts. You may all
take this post to Erik as being a reply to you all. But may I point out that
I think Mark has let himself down badly with his "he-he" remark. He
obviously has nothing further to prop himself up with. Nor has "NoName" if
he believes that my contribution over the last few days has entertained him
more so than any one else.
Doesn`t say much for Dan Leason`s, Tony Pay`s, even Martin`s own
contributions over that last few years does it?
Doesn`t say much for anyone`s come to that. What silly images you make of
yourselves with nothing further to add but school boy one-liners.
Get a clarinet life all of you, and forget about political correctness or
Tony Wakefield

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