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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001177.txt from 2003/06

From: Erik Tkal <>
Subj: Re: [kl] The Stravinsky chord
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 10:27:15 -0400

At 03:11 PM 6/30/2003 +0100, Anthony Wakefield wrote:

>Then a real name, or at least a recognisable pseudonym should be
>obligatory - world wide. The universal ruling should be changed. Everywhere
>else in life, a name is obligatory. Anonymity, I repeat again is offensive
>to all. It was offensive to me, and if this is so, you of all people should
>want to put this right, because I am a fairly interesting contributor in
>here. This other guy isn`t, at present.

Anonymity isn't such a bad thing, get over it. Why do you assume it's offensive to everyone just because it seems to bother you so much? And what makes you think you're so interesting?

>If I want to pass comment then I will do so. That is my right. At least it
>may sow some seeds in your mind, as well as generally, how an internet list
>should be moderated. I myself have no wish to start a list. And if, as seems
>reasonable from other list members also, then you should think seriously
>about anonymity in future. It`s not only me who has voiced criticism about

Yes, you have your right to speak up on issues. And so does the original poster that started this thread. You made a sweeping generalisation and he simply stated that you cannot make such an assumption about how the rest of the members on this list might feel about Martin's CD. Yet you chose to attack the fact that he did not post his name. Were you trying to detract from his comment? The whole thread did nothing more than make me go back and read what he said, and his comment was perfectly valid. I have not yet received Martin's CD and will withhold judgement until then. Will I like it? Maybe, I have no idea, and I would never presume that the rest of the membership here will feel as I do, however that may be.


No, it's not. These attacks often make me less likely to post and to lurk more.

>Tony Wakefield

Erik Tkal

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