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Klarinet Archive - Posting 001001.txt from 2003/06

From: "Christy Erickson" <>
Subj: RE: [kl] Left, Right or mixed handed?
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 17:58:17 -0400

> hmm, I took a conducting class in college. It was hard. Really hard. =

You poor baby! Let's turn the tables and require you to conduct the =
way around. (and pass the test) It's too bad we couldn't go back to =
pre-conducting class days and have you pass the course by conducting the
beat pattern with your left hand. Then perhaps you'll know how hard it
REALLY might be for someone to do the opposite way.=20

I never considered it an advantage
> that I was right handed.=20

OF COURSE you didn't consider it an advantage, since you are =

That was just the way you do it. kind of like
> the
> left hand on top, right hand on bottom for clarinet.

Of course you thought that was the way you do it. It's only because =
TOLD you it had to be that way. There is no valid reason it couldn't be
done another way. Playing the clarinet puts us all but those of us who =
be ambidextrous on a level playing field since we all have to use both
hands-same at the piano or any instrument requiring the use of two =
hands. =20

I never thought of it as a choice or a preference.

I suppose you wouldn't if it was comfortable for you to do things this =
and as a student, someone told you it must be that way.

> He didn't drop out due to his left-handedness. He dropped out because =
> teacher was beating him for it. I think there is a slight difference
> there.

How can his left-handedness NOT be related to the fact that he dropped =
of school if his teacher hit him with a hickory switch when he tried to =
his right hand? Would he have been hit if he had been right-handed? =
he have dropped out of school anyway? Obviously, the task of writing =
his right-hand did not come easy to him or he would never have tried to
write with his left-hand and endure beatings because of it.

I was making a joke about your belief that being left-handed is a
> handicap.=20

Again, it depends on the environment and the constraints and =
difficulties a
person may experience as a result of being left-handed. =20

People can make all the jokes they want but I think it's evidence that =
of those "old school ways and thoughts" are unfortunately still with us. =
would strongly urge you to "live in a left-handers" world for a month.
Force yourself to experiment. Write everything with your left-hand, put
your reeds and ligature on with your left hand, conduct a beat pattern =
your left hand, eat with your left hand only, cut your meat, use a =
everything with your left hand and no cheating! =20
I have adapted and have never considered the fact that I write with my
left-hand as a handicap or disadvantage, except when I've been forced to =
and write in one of those desks with the writing surface on the wrong =
for me for hours on end. I'm lucky, since I do so many other things =
with my
right-hand naturally. I use a scissors with my right hand, for =
instance, so
I've never had to purchase a left-handed scissors. I also throw balls, =
kick, etc... with my right hand. =20


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