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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000941.txt from 2003/06

From: "Michael Bryant" <>
Subj: Re: [kl] I need help!
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 01:12:25 -0400

Joza Karas: Music in Terezin 1941-5, Pendragon 1985
Erik Levi: Music in the Third Reich, MacMillan 1994
Eva Weissweiler: Ausgemerzt!, (including the hugely infamous Stengl/Gerick:
Lexicon der Juden in der Musik, 1941*) Dittrich-Verlag, Cologne 1999
*The 1943 edition has a different introduction as has fewer errors and lies.
Daniel Snowman: The Hitler Emigres, Pimlico 2002 Just out in paperback (not
restricted to music)
Lewis Stevens: Composers of Classical Music of Jewish Descent, Vallentine
Mitchell 2003
Critically reviewed in "The Gramophone", August 2003, p.86.

There is an academic Suppressed Music information/discussion group.
Here is what Martin Anderson wrote about it, when it began in September

The International Forum for Suppressed Music is pleased to announce the
founding of the IFSM Suppressed Music Mailing List, intended to provide a
platform for the discussion of composers working under, persecuted by or
exiled from totalitarian or other repressive regimes. The current focus of
the IFSM's activities is music in Nazi Germany and Austria and, shortly, the
Soviet Union and other communist countries, but we hope the discussion on
the list will cover all areas where composers and other musicians have
suffered from the interventions of illiberal governments: Armenian music
under the Turks, American composers blackballed by the McCarthyites, Spain
under Franco, and so on - postings can cover any relevant topic. We expect
that most postings will cover "classical" music, defined as broadly as
possible, but there is no reason to exclude popular and folk music (etc.)
from our discussions. Membership of the list is open to anyone interested in
the subject. You can join by visiting and following the
instructions you'll find there.

We would be grateful if, when you make your first posting, you could
introduce yourself and your particular area of interest to the list - other
listers will doubtless find it useful to know who else is working on the
same or allied subjects.

Good luck

Rebecca Dzobia-Tzjrezchevolve wrote on Wednesday, June 25, 2003 5:07 PM
Subject: [kl] I need help!

> So our lovely little Rebecca has landed herself in summer school...English
> class...
> I have to do a research paper! AAAHHHHHH! The fact that I am always
> insistent on having some kind of musical subject didn't make it easier
> time. It made it HARDER!!! I am not trying to get anyone to do my homework
> for me, but the sources I have available are very limited. The
> websites. I can use books, encyclopedias, interviews, etc...
> The topic, a pretty usual one, is the holocaust. My specific topic deals
> with the Jewish musicians durring the time whether they were in
> concentration camps or not. The main source I am using is the book, "The
> Inextenguishable Symphony." But I have to have at least three sources.
> Logan was never a good place for anything musical, so it didn't surprise
> that I found nothing in the library. We are just doing a short paper, just
> to do the process of the cards and researching, so I haven't got the time
> order a book. I probably don't have the time to read it either. I only
> until Tuesday because this is short. 2 1/2 pages long! It is just for
> practice.
> If anyone can give me any book or movie titles that deal with Holocaust
> musicians, or even better, Rosemarie Gumpert, I would appreciate the help.
> Also, if anyone would be willing to send me their knowledge on the
> that would be good too. I will appreciate any help!
> -Rebecca
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