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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000806.txt from 2003/06

From: CBA <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Leblanc Concerto
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 02:46:42 -0400

$1499 is a pretty consistent price for the LeBlanc Concerto
today. This is a much reduced price on a non-used instrument.
The instrument is professional quality. The instrument is last
year's model and isn't made anymore. Here are the caveats...

The LeBlanc Concerto II (redesigned with the help of
professional clarinetist Eddie Daniels) is the next generation
with that model, as is the Opus II (redesigned with the help of
professional clarinetist Larry Combs.) This is not to say that
the original Opus or Concerto are bad instruments...they are
just closeout models. They are not in production anymore, and
would be the equivalent of buying a brand new 2003 Ford Mustang,
when the redesigned 2004 Ford Mustang is already on the new car
lots. $1499 is a GREAT deal on a professional clarinet. The good
news is the Opus, which you might not have looked at, is a
slightly more upscale (more bells and whistles) model from
LeBlanc, and is ALSO greatly reduced at $1799. The prices for
the Concerto II are about $2200, while the Concerto is only
$1499. The Opus II is about $3000, while the Opus is only $1799.
If these instruments interest you, you would probably want to
try both of them. You probably won't see prices like this on
these calibre of instruments again anytime soon.

Here's the money question though...If you have never heard of
the LeBlanc Concerto, you must either be a beginner, be in an
area so rural that it is hours from a decent size city, or you
have crawled out from under a rock shielded from clarinet
knowledge. With these nasties aside, I think you should take
LESSONS from a teacher, and then have the teacher assist in you
choosing an instrument. Like cars, you have a LOT of chances of
buying lemons in an instrument purchase. If you don't know what
the Concerto is, you probably would not be a good person to make
the final decision on a final instrument. If you have never
played before, or you have played less than a year, I think it
is probably too much horn for you, and you would do better with
a free blowing plastic instrument so that you can develop your
embouchure (mouth muscles) in a natural way. MOST people don't
learn to drive on a Ferrari. Buying an instrument without the
know-how to do so can land you a VERY worthless instrument from
ANY of the manufacturers out there. Bad instruments exist in all
brands, and Murphy's law says you will find it if you don't know
how to tell if it is. A slick salesperson will even DIRECT you
to a lemon, if it means them getting rid of a bad instrument
that they can't sell. They figure by the time you can tell the
instrument sucks, it is past their 14 or 30 day limitations on
lemons, and they have no responsibility.

Where do you live? Are you near a large city? Instruments are
like really shouldn't buy them by mail...I wouldn't.
If you are looking at buying from a local store, do they have
other brands on instruments to try, and multiple items for each
model, so you can try out a cross section? I can commonly try
out instruments and find that I might only like one or two out
of 10 in a particular brand and type. Just trying one Concerto
would be like buying the first car you see on a lot.

Do you have a teacher already? If you do, have you asked their
opinion, and for help finding an instrument? If you don't, could
you let us here on the Klarinet list help you get in contact
with a teacher who can give you direction that lives nearby? If
you can afford a $1500 instrument, a few lessons should be
superfluous financially to make sure you are ready for the new
horn, or whether you need it, plus you need to be in playing
shape to try the instruments out, since you will be using this
instrument probably LONGER than a car. Taking lessons from a
reputable teacher and getting their advice on whether an
instrument is good could save you from buying the wrong
instrument, plain and simple.

How long have you been playing?

Kelly Abraham
Woodwinds - New York City
--- "C.C." <> wrote:
> Can somebody tell me if the Leblanc Concerto is a good
> clarinet and is it
> consistent? Give me some comments on it. Also, this store
> has it for 1499
> (new) is that a good price?
> Thanks

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