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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000743.txt from 2003/06

From: CBA <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Chadash Clarinets
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 14:52:36 -0400

Guy still makes the Chadash barrels for Buffet, and is rather
attached at the hip to Buffet. I don't think the relationship is
going to go away anytime soon. His barrels are best sellers for
Buffet and for most of the stores that carry them.

Guy also has worked in conjunction with Chris Hill (a list
member here and sponsor) in creating a blank of the
same rubber polymer compound the old Chedeville mouthpieces were
made from. The Chadash-Hill mouthpiece blanks have been used by
some top notch mouthpiece makers including John Weigand and
Chris Hill's mouthpieces, of course. I got one of the first
batch mouthpieces from Chris, and it was really amazing
(unfortunately my dog thought so too, and chewed it beyond
repair...BAD dog.) I have to wait until Chris comes back to NYC
before I get another one. Mark Nuccio directs his students to
try these mouthpieces, and most of his students use them (as he
admitted to me.) The blanks are also the basis of the "new"
Chedeville mouthpieces that will be on the market by the end of
the summer. I believe Glotin is the manufacturer. None of these
ventures take a bite out of the Buffet market.

More specifically, Buffet has a different market than Guy
Chadash. Guy's instruments are hand made, while Buffet's are
hand finished only, and only on the professional models. Guy
makes his clarinets HIMSELF so it isn't a factory-like situation
at all. He would never be able to even remotely put a dent into
Buffet's market volumewise, nor would he want to. Not a conflict
for Buffet here.

Guy's instruments are more expensive than even the highest
priced Buffet, so he is not underbidding the Buffet market. He
sells a different level product.

Lastly, I think Buffet is oblivious to the fact that so many
people HAVE switched to many other brand instruments already,
since they are still selling Buffets, and they still make a
profit. I really don't think Buffet is concerned about anything
else but Guy's patent on his barrel taper and a way to make
money, so I don't think they would ever question him being a
Buffet clinician. He is a superb repairman in addition to being
a wonderful craftsman, so I can't imagine it ever being a
problem unless Guy played on an instrument that was from a REAL
competitor of Buffet, as in LeBlanc, Selmer or Yamaha at a
Buffet sponsored event. And why would he, when he has his own
handmade instruments.

Speaking of Buffet clinicians...has anyone heard from Francois
Kloc recently? I don't believe I have seen him online here in at
LEAST a year. It's always good to hear the Buffet side of things
from someone of his caliber.

Kelly Abraham
Woodwinds - New York City
--- Daniel Frazelle <> wrote:
> Thanks for all the responses, particularly the very
> detailed one from Kelly Abraham. I'm going to keep my
> eye on these instruments when it comes time to buy a
> new set.
> Now I wonder, since Chadash is a Buffet clinician if I
> remember correctly, will these instruments affect his
> status with them?
> -Daniel

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