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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000728.txt from 2003/06

From: CBA <>
Subj: Re: [kl] Chadash Clarinets
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 02:48:01 -0400

Sorry for being out of the loop recently. I was on vacation for
a week, and didn't have e-mail access (which being a technogeek,
is rather like hell for me...'nuff talk about the bad

Again, I must apologize to Dan Arsenault for me being too sick
when he was in town for us to meet up. Otherwise, he could have
played my set of Chadash clarinets.

Playing my first Chadash clarinet (which I was lucky to be able
to try, since it was on the way out the next day for shipping to
the person who purchased it) was mesmerizing. But let me tell
you just WHY it was mesmerizing...

I went to ClarinetFest 2001 in New Orleans, and had tried out
literally HUNDREDS of clarinets. I purchased two Patricola
clarinets in rosewood (an Eb and C) and am still very pleased
with the purchase. I was amazed at the clarinets at
ClarinetFest, as they were so much more consistent and wonderful
that the ones that show up in the stores. Of course, the
instruments were all hand picked and tweaked for the show by the
manufacturers, to make a good showing...who wouldn't. Well,
Leblanc's instruments were so out of adjustment that most were
unplayable, but they were the only ones there not "getting
it"...THAT'S another story. I had just purchased a new Bb/A
Buffet RC Prestige set earlier that year, which I was very happy
with, or so I thought. I found 2 models of the Selmer line I
liked much better when trying these hand picked models (the 10G
and the Recital.) These models were NEVER on my good list when I
tried them in stores, because I thought I just didn't like them.
Maybe I had the lemons to try in the stores. The Buffet models
in the vendor area made me want to trade in mine. I melted when
I played one of Luis Rossi's Viennese models (didn't care for
any of the other models though.) I did still like my Buffets
that I had purchased, but the "new car smell" had dissipated
quite a bit after trying all the new models. I knew that I could
do everything I wanted and needed to do with my Buffets that I
already owned, and decided to stay with them.

After getting back to New York, I stopped by Guy Chadash's shop
to get barrels for the new clarinets, since I really do like
what his barrels do. I was going to get some of Clark Fobes
barrels while at ClarinetFest while I was purchasing the new Eb
and C clarinets, but he didn't have any Ebs, and he said he
wasn't sure when he would have another Eb batch. He didn't make
C barrels as a rule, unless that has changed since I saw him
last. The barrels Guy made for me were great... The Eb barrel
did VERY wonderful things for pitch and projection. The C barrel
is AMAZING, and really makes my C come to life. Which leads me
to the point of all this... Guy said "While you are here, I have
a finished instrument that I am shipping out tomorrow. Would you
like to try it?"

Like I said...I was MESMERIZED. The key tension and feeling was
really even. Moreso that other instruments I had recently
played...and I had just played on MANY instruments, so I had in
my mind what I wanted and liked. The keywork is basically
Buffet/French style but is a little more ergonomically shaped,
and is platinum-silver plated to last longer and tarnish less.
It might take someone 30 minutes to an hour to get used to where
the slight differences the keys are, but then it is all gravy.
Screw adjustments for every key configuration imaginable, so no
more bending keys to make pads close again. The instrument is
made of wood that is aged LONGER than the major manufacturers,
and Guy hasn't gotten a crack complain as far as I know. The
instrument was a little lighter than my prestiges, but I really
liked the way it felt.

Then I played it.

For all the CRAP about even scale from new instrument makers,
THIS instrument has an even scale. Notes don't jump out at you.
Chalumeau register is very rich, but doesn't get honky when
played loudly. Clarion register is very sweet. Altissimo is
AMAZING. I didn't have to bite for super C. I could play things
like "Pines of Rome" or the jump from Clarion E to Altissimo E
in the soft section of Night on Bald (Bare) Mountain even at PPP
with no chirps, no blips. The sound continuity from register to
register was nothing short of a miracle. I had considered
getting a reformed boehm clarinet from Wurlitzer to accomplish
this particular preference, but I didn't like the stuffy feeling
I got from them. I was also horrified at the Wurlitzer's price.
The model I was looking at in the Wurlitzer's line was close to
$6000 and instrument, and was NOT hand made. Guy's instruments
are more than a Prestige, but much less than a Wurlitzer and ARE
handmade. I knew I had found what I was looking for.

I arranged to sell my set of Prestige instruments, and took a
little bit of a loss with them, but they were good instruments,
and they have a good home now. I then got on the waiting list
for Guy's instruments. I have a Buffet Prestige Bb and Leblanc A
besides the Prestige set I sold, and they are both great
instruments, so I am not selling them. They have been quite
wonderful, and I actually get use out of them when I was on the
waiting list, and I will have them if I ever need the backup
set. I got the A first in about 6 months, and was thrilled. It
was an even better instrument than the one I had tried at his
shop. The Bb took another 6 months, and was brilliant. I am so
pleased with my decision to purchase these instruments. I can't
say enough good things.

I think MOST people would feel the same, given the chance to try
these instruments, but I am positive that if given 3 days to get
used to the SLIGHTLY different key feel and the way the
instrument blows (i.e. NOT having to adjust for funky notes like
on other instruments) your store-bought instrument will feel so
vastly inferior, you will wonder how you played the clarinet
without this instrument.

Look for his website for more details at:

Not that *I* am biased at all...hehe.

Kelly Abraham
Woodwinds - New York City
--- Dan Arsenault <> wrote:
> > What's the word out there on the new line of clarinets
> > offered by Guy Chadash? I've only heard about them
> > recently and I was wondering if anybody had tried them
> > or knows someone who has tried them. I haven't heard
> > much, so any information would be helpful.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Daniel
> >
> When I visited Guy's workshop in March to get a custom barrel,
> he showed me
> pieces in progress, although he did not have an instrument to
> play. Very
> high quality from an obvious expert and good guy. Gorgeous
> keywork. He did
> give the name of a local artist with his instrument, but I
> have not followed
> up yet.

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