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Klarinet Archive - Posting 000686.txt from 2003/06

Subj: RE: [kl] Vibrato on the Clarinet
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2003 00:01:18 -0400

I'd like to imput my 2 cents worth, for what it's worth.

I grew up with the use of vibrato all around me, so I consider it to be an non-
issue as a clarinetist. This is do to the fact that the majority of my
teachers were brass players trained in the "British Brass" tradition. Through
them, I listend to British bands with British soloists and had their sounds
going through my mind. So, when I got to university and found that it was
not "proper" to use vibrato, I fought it, played with vibrato, usually didn't
get top spots, but was happy. I was happy because I had "my" sound, and if
you listen to me play over the 4 years, you know it's my playing, since I was
the only wind player to play with vibrato. I was also critized because my
favorite clarinetist throughout has been Reginald Kell, because to me (and
this is just my opinion) he transcends the clarinet and makes music.

There is however I point, which will probably start plenty of discussion, but
I believe that there are "nationalistic" schools of playing, not just in
clarinet but in general. I find (again, my personal opinion) that the British
are more passionate in their playing then anyone else (this was said by
someone else on the list, I'm sorry, but I can't remember who it was). The
forementioned brass players, along with artists like Jack Brymer, Jacqueline
du Pre, Dennis and Aubrey Brain, all play MUSIC on their instruments and not
just their instruments.

This is something that I believe so forcefully that I recently lost the Nova
Scotia Youth Orchestra audition because being musical, is far better off then
being technical. I'd rather play a concert and miss 20 notes, then nail very
one and be boring.

Sorry if this doesn't make as much sense as it does to me or if what I've said
has been said before. Very long day.


P.S. I use the Arban's method more then I use Baermann or Klose (I know, I'm a
disgrace to Clarinetists everywhere :) )

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